General Social Survey Confirms Previous Polls: Americans Favor Legal Cannabis, Even Republicans Do

9 months ago

Not that long ago we reported about California focused poll which saw substantial support for legalized marijuana in the state. The support was limited among theRepublican participants though.

Which was surprising since a 2018 Gallup poll had highlighted that generally Republicans had changed around and a majority now supported legalized marijuana. We referred the Gallup poll in the same article.

Earlier this week the Associated Press released its analysis of the 2018 GSS (Global Social Survey) and the data found in the GSS confirms Gallup’s poll, which was ran in the week before Canada legalized marijuana.

Only 31% of GSS participants opposed legalized marijuana anymore, a drop of 7% compared to 2016. The American population has been pro legalized adult-use since 2013 in GSS surveys but the number of participants opposed has never been this low. While those pro haven’t yet reached 2/3, less than 1/3 are now opposed.


More interestingly is that the GSS confirms Gallup’s earlier analysis that a majority of Republican voters is now also pro, 54% (1% higher than in Gallup’s analysis). This is, obviously, a major change in polic for the conservative demographic who until recently opposed legal marijuana. Both polls saw in 2018 for the first time Republican majority support for legalization(*).

Gallup’s poll recorded a bigger jump since 2016, up 11% while the GSS’ data registered only plus 9% in support, yet sufficient to fully change the legal zeitgeist and majority opinion.

2018 Gallup Poll

The 2018 GSS registered a similar number of Democrats favoring legal weed as Gallup’s Poll did (76% vs. 75%)

The GSS survey also saw an increase in support by the elder demographic, 65 plus, ticking in at 46% compared to 42% two years earlier. Combined with Gallup’s data, which has the age demographic slightly different, 55 plus with 59% in support, this also leads to every age demographic now being in favor of legal cannabis.


As expected, the younger 18-34 demographic leads the pack with more than 70% in support.

There are minor differences in data between both surveys, yet the numbers are clearly in support of legal marijuana. Now we just have to wait for the Hill to make things happens.

Until then, 10 states have legalized recreational use already and currently 33 states have medical marijuana regulations in place too. Thee GSS has been polling Americans about legal marijuana since 1973.

(*) Gallup actually already registered 51% Republican support in 2018 but there was no GSS survey that year.

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