Pennsylvania Next State to Legalize Recreational Marijuana Use?

6 months ago

Another week, another state bill filed with as aim allowing recreational use. This week it’s Pennsylvania’s turn where House Finance Chair Rep. Jake Wheatley filed HB50 in his second attempt to legalize marijuana use.

The state already allows medical marijuana since 2016.

Photo via Antonio Castagna on Flickr

Wheatley’s bill would not only extend the marijuana framework with adult-use but at the same time it would also wipe the slate on certain criminal records.

HB50 would clear anyone now incarcerated for then legal-cannabis and also return driver’s and professional licenses confiscated as result of cannabis-related crimes, as stated in a release by Wheatley’s office.

Wheatley’s previous effort, ended in the former session, in the General Assembly Health Committee.

This time he hopes to ride the positive marijuana zeitgeist, which is obvious with 25 cosponsors for HB50.

“Over the past decade, support for legalizing recreational cannabis has almost doubled to nearly 60 [percent] of all Commonwealth residents being in favor of legalization”

Wheatley’s approach is down to earth and rationally promotes the potential revenues the state could reap, as well as the positive effect it could have on the economy and jobs sector in general.

“The growth of medical cannabis has demonstrated the positive effects this industry is capable of achieving. House Bill 50 would not only implement the tax rates as suggested by the Auditor General’s report, which would generate upward of $580 million in new tax revenue for the Commonwealth, it also… incentivizes cannabis businesses to partner with PA farmers, as well as invests in student debt forgiveness, after-school programs and affordable housing.”
Rep. Jake Wheatley

Wheatley promotes that revenue be used to help endeared students, fund affordable housing, and create afterschool programs for children.

He also forwards the bulk of regularization to the Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement, who would be in charge of penalties.

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Damn you Europe, what the hell is wrong with you, do you even watch the news?


Legalisation will never happen at EU level, European parliament is just a big bussiness center, and big Pharma have their dirty claws all over it.Maybe at country level it could happen, Portugal seems that could be the first one, asides Italy and Germany that have medical use regulated


Some EU states have 0.2% THC upper limit. But CBD products can not be advertised as having medical use.

Let’s hope Portugal can proceed this time. Both proposed bills are very sensible but the ruling coalition vibe is not that progressive.

UK also has [retarded] legal medical use. Belgium same, and even has a memo which “tolerates” but current gov issued a zero tolerance policy. @unnamed wrote a long post about Cannabis in Belgium.

Spain has “private small consumption” decriminalized. And most judicial areas in Germany will tolerate being caught with 6-12 grams, depending on area. But no public consumption allowed. Although most cops will generally just ask the smoker to go to a quiet corner and finish their toke their.

Big EU monster though will object on EU level for another decade or two. IT’s pretty much lobbying capital.


I have very big doubts on the medical aspects of CBD if not combined with THC. I find funny a lot of fo shops opening lately in Spain selling CBD weed(i 've tasted at 10% CBD-0,1 THC)selling the gram at 12€ and people buying it.
Spain just changed the law again, making it easier to grow for personal use at home, we also have the cannabis clubs, and fuck sake my neighborhood smells of weed all day long, so it is totally tolerated, but they seem not to have the courage to just do it, legalize it!!!!!


Yeah IIRC Spain applies same method as Germany... “sorta allowed if obvious for own use”. Issue with that is it can be reverted any day as seen in Belgium.

But Spain will probably become one of the trailblazers as things stand now.


I think they’re currently occupied with other news. Like keeping up with the latest insults thrown at them from British conservative mainland.