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5 months ago

Earlier Smoke member GoldenDawne wrote a post about the popular degrees and jobs in the cannabis industry. Not that long ago we wrote about State University New York offering a marijuana minor course next semester. Jobs in the cannabis industry, as well as marijuana courses, will be a regular topic here in our news coverage of the marijuana market as we move forward.


So let’s have a look at what were the most popular jobs in the industry so far, as posted on popular career and employer review platform Glassdoor.

The popular website recently released its data for the cannabis sector and registered a massive growth in the niche already in 2018.

The key findings were:

  • State-level regulation has resulted in massive jobs creation growth and employers have not felt encumbered by limitations on federal level
  • The platform noted a 76% year-over-year increase in jobs in the cannabis sector in the USA compared to December 2017
  • Working in the marijuana industry pays 10.7% higher than the average US median salary, at $58,511 per year median wage.
  • Slightly more than half of the job openings are for technical workers and professionals, with growing diversification

Obviously, 2018 was a great year for the cannabis sector and as we move forward in to 2019 we expect another stellar year for the niche with sensible marijuana laws pending as well as ever more nations jumping on the bandwagon.

jobs in cannabis sector 2018

Polling their own database, Glassdoor could note almost 400% growth in available jobs in the cannabis sector on its platform since January 2017. As expected most jobs are offered on the west coast with San Francisco and Los Angeles leading the charts with respectively 13% and 12% of the jobs available. Next is Denver, Colorado (7%), surprisingly followed by New York City (NY) with 4% despite its flawed roll-out of medical marijuana. The top five is completed by Seattle, Washington with 4% of the jobs available as well.

The top 15 cities offered around 60% of the jobs, while the rest was offered across the USA, which is different from other modern sectors such as AI and blockchain. For the latter 79% of the jobs offered on the Glassdoor platform are concentrated in the top 15 metros.

Popular Jobs

As expected, a large number of the jobs offered are in the cultivation and technical sector, despite actually having fewer jobs each open. But both those sector score that highly because of the wide number of job counted in it.

The most popular — in demand — jobs were inservice and retail with the top roles, Brand Ambassador and Sales Associate, accounting for 5% each. Next were Store managers and Wellness Coordinators, as well as Delivery Drivers.

most popular jobs in cannabis sector USA
Most popular jobs in cannabis sector USA on Glassdoor

Gotta admit Brand amabassador as a job, without being it something a stay at home blogging social media guru slapped on their Twitter bio, has something of a nice ring.

We are looking for an enthusiastic Brand Ambassador who would promote and educate shops and patients about Select products. A Brand Ambassador needs to be committed, have a high level of product knowledge, and a professional level of consumer engagement. If you enjoy communicating with customers we would like to meet you. You will be the face of our company by preparing and delivering promotional presentations at various locations. Ultimately, you should be able to increase our company's brand awareness, educate the consumer and generate sales opportunities. This is a great opportunity to start a career path at Cura and advance into other sales roles.
— Current Brand Ambassador position at Cura - check here for more open brand ambassador positions

At first thought it may be a surprise that there were no large employers present, but that is also to be expected with Glassdoor still being a platform mostly popular in the modern tech sector, and also amidst the venture funding circles. Lastly, the lacking legal access to banks is of course also a problem here.

Yet, the top 15 largest employers contains a bunch of already popular names, including Green Thumb Industries (GTI), Cura Cannabis Solutions, Eaze, Weedmaps, and also Caliva who recently raised another $75 million round from former Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz and NFL superstar Joe Montana.

Median average wage in cannabis industry compared
Median average wage in Cannabis sector USA compared to rest of wages

The Cannabis sector is still a very young one and a fast growing one. There is no doubt that the sector will continue to create many more jobs, that not only thanks to last year signed Farm Bill.

Whether that will have any impact on the median wage rests to be seen, but the zeitgeist and growing legalization movement will only further increase the competitiveness of the sector. As access t banks is finally made possible, we will definitely see further large amounts of funding flow in the marijuana industry and many thousands new jobs will be created each months. That not only in the USA.

For more information and links to jobs and active employers visit the Glassdoor report.

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