Almost Half of Anxiety Patients Find Medical Marijuana More Effective

8 months ago

Obviously we talk a lot about medical marijuana here over at AlibiHQ. Especially when studies report that medical users find more relief in marijuana than in traditional pain killers and [chemical] medication.

It isn’t the first time that we are made aware of a study in which patients lowered their medication once they started using medical marijuana.

Now a new study observed almost 150 anxiety patients, all using traditional medication like Klonopin, Valium, Ativan, and Xanax — based on benzodiazepine.


After having using medical marijuana for 6 months, almost half of them had stopped using their previous anti-anxiety medication and even reported better results from medical marijuana.

The study, ordered by Canadian medical cannabis clinical network Aleafia Health, was careful in highlighting the positive results and made sure to emphasize that understanding of cannabis — and its benefits — still needs further research and people should not decide on their own to ditch their medication. But the option that cannabis could lead to alternatives and keep people away from more harming substances, is real.

“The opioid crisis gets a lot of air time, but people don't always realize that behind the [opioid] crisis is benzodiazepine addiction and overuse of antidepressants”
“By offering a safer alternative like cannabis, we can keep people away from addictive substances.”
Dr. Michael Verboa - Chief Medical Officer of Alefia Health

To see such positivism backed by observational studies, and actual use, is positive in these times when the focus on cannabis is becoming ever bigger and there will always be more naysayers as well.


Obviously, with more news — and still poor understanding by many legislators as well as truthiness issues in awareness campaigns — the risk of yet another reefer madness campaign is just as real in this era of short and attention catching news.

While such studies will inspire more studies to follow, just as well as studies further trying to find causation — or not — for psychosis, as the heat will soon turn up for legalization of recreational use in many more countries, it is good to be able to refer to studies like these which actually have more value because they observed an actual change.

Something so fa no reefer madness psychosis claim can fall back on.

While it is easy to claim “fake news”, it is more often than not just a claim and one driven by our own belief and passion. Studies like these give us always more evidence, evidence which is more important than “being fans of our greens”.

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This is good news. One thing that cought my attention. They say we shouldn't decide for ourselves if we want oof the meds? We are the ones who know if we are feeling better or not. It's not some psychosis that makes you murder someone if you don't dose. It's anxiety. Which is a serious problem but the patient knows the best if he still has problems or not. He feels it. The docs just shove him with antid's


I think they want to stay within the medical framework. That also makes sense, and the addition of that specific paragraph avoids that it could be called a biased study ordered by a medical cannabis producer.

But at the same time, while I agree with you I also disagree. Self-medication is not a solution. Doctors are supposed to have an advanced understanding of both subject and what they prescribe. At least that is the ethos of the job, and their in many countries at least seven years long study.

The patient gives feedback, the doctor acts upon that and prescribes based on received feedback. Yeah, maybe I’m an idealist. :D


You are right on that aspect. Doctors should be the ones who dose us but by our feedback as you said. But we are still the ones who should get to decide of we want to continue or not. I guess we do have that right to say no to them of we want to. The problem is that most big P companies want to continue selling their Chem drugs.

Its great that more people are getting off these chemical addictive drugs ,in favour of cannabis.