City in Kansas to Devise Stupidest “Pro Marijuana “ Ordinance Yet?

9 months ago

After the Schedule 1 status of marijuana, of course.

Living online, and surfing the web constantly, we get to read quite a heap of stupid every day. Politicians, even more so in the social era, tend to still score rather high on the list of st000pid. That is not to say that we do not sympathize with their difficult job of always needing to vote things which will more often than not displease large groups.

Yet, many don’t necessarily help themselves.

Which bring us to the state of Kansas, more particularly the city of Lawrence.

Where the local council has decided that maybe it is a good idea to also jump on the pro-marijuana bandwagon, ride the zeitgeist and wants to lower fine for first and second time offenders caught in possession of marijuana.

Hold on there, alibi! Why do you think that’s on top there with the most stupid regulations yet?

Obviously, we are not displeased to read that the city of Lawrence wants to lower fines from $200, plus court fee, to only $1 for first and second time offenders. With a threshold of up to 32 grams, this seems reasonable and a good thing... at first.

But there’s more to it. Or, in fact, there’s not more to it. The city is considering merely the reduced fine. Nothing more, nothing less.

That means that offenders will still be arrested and the arrest will be recorded as a misdemeanor charge. A third arrest will still be considered a felony and come with the usual charges, record, and penalties.

So, basically, the city of Lawrence is considering giving consumers a fake sense of laisser-faire by lowering the fines to a ridiculously low level, a level that low and negligible that potential offenders may forget the other elements from being caught.

The city’s mayor, Lisa Larsen, thinks this new policy may bring a “reasonable and equitable justice” sense to her community.

“This is not legalizing marijuana”
“What I want to do with this is to bring some reasonable and equitable justice to this, that’s what this is about for me.”
Lisa Larsen, Mayor city of Lawrence, Kansas

Obviously, it gives people a three strike system — while still recorded as a misdemeanor — and will probably result in less felonies and thus reduced incarcerations too, but it may give people a fake sense of confidence in thinking that using, and maybe even being caught, is not a big thing anymore nowadays. Yet, marijuana is not decriminalized by it.

A supportive Lawrence citizen, David Wilkinson (?), was quick to emphasize exactly our point:

“ When you make the fine a dollar, basically you’re saying we’re decriminalizing marijuana. Lawrence has always been a leader in those type of liberal, progressive changes.”
David Wilkinson

The ordinance still has to pass second reading and a voting before implementation.

Good or stupid?

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But this photo you took (if you took it) is beautiful.


I can not claim that credit, it’s a royalty and attribution free image. :D

Wow. Thank you for posting this. :)

If I had heard it with like a sentance I would thik its not bad but after you explained it a bit, its a stupid way.


Politics is constant campaigning. Piggybacking on both sides.

Thanks for the explanation!