Las Vegas to Have First Marijuana Lounges Early Summer 2019?

7 months ago

If you’ve been living under a rock you probably missed what will soon be filling your social feeds and marijuana news pages. Luckily, we are here to fill you in and break the news even before every Tweeple retweeting and liking it, littering your feed with yet another Marijuana lounge city news item.

Nevada, host to Sin City, is one of the more liberal states and has long embraced marijuana laws, even recreational use. Yet, if you live in the Las Vegas, you will also know that toking is outlawed on the Strip, and in every building on the Strip.


But Clark County, which includes the famous Strip, and the City of Las Vegas have wanted to expand the local laws with the option of “marijuana lounges” since 2017, joining the cities of San Francisco and Denver which already allow locations to become licensed for indoor consumption.

Former Nevada Senator Tick Segerblom even introduced a bill which would let local jurisdictions license lounges — contrarily to dispensaries and labs which are licensed in state level.

The bill didn’t pass but in a September 2017 letter Legislative Counsel Brenda Erdoes said that local councils could nevertheless issue licenses as long as marijuana was consumed legally in the premises. The City of Las Vegas moved ahead and drafted an issue ordinance the same year.

But a certain anti-marijuana Attorney General threatened to go nuclear on marijuana when he rescinded the Cole memo in January 2018. Yes, we are talking about the honorable Jeff Sessions. The City of Las Vegas dutifully obliged and decided not to move ahead, putting its marijuana lounges plans on hold.

In November 2017, Steve Sisolak, former Clark County Commission chair and supporter of the marijuana lounges plan, was elected Nevada’s new governor.

Since both Clark County and the City of Las Vegas have picked up plans again with Sin City furthest ahead in its efforts.

The City of Las Vegas will hear a revised ordinance on Feb. 18, with potentially a vote before the city council as soon as early March. The first licenses for lounges — which can be own businesses independent of dispensaries unlike in San Francisco and Denver — could then be issues as soon as early April.

In Clark County meanwhile, the Green Ribbon Panel will meet four times between now and June, and then present its recommendations to the Clark County Commision with a possible vote by July.

“We want to have a set of recommendations that are reasonable, tangible and feasible”
Jacqueline Holloway, Clark County Director of Business Development to Las Vegas Sun

While it may have taken almost two years, it seems that Sin City will eventually get its marijuana lounges. Marijuana putting always more “Fabulous” in Las Vegas.

Prepare for an influx of tweets in your feed in some months. You heard it here first. ;)

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These bloody politicians are a joke beyond comparison, will we ever rid ourselves of these parasites? Thanks mate, bong on bro. :-)


That they surely are. I wanted to write something along the lines of “Jeff Sessions who is specialized in things re-... recluse, rescind...,” but then I remembered that I actually appreciated himself reclusing him from that case.

Anyway, looks like they will soon be able to toke on the Strip. Well in enclosed lounges at least.


Here's hoping 🤞

So some good news after all. I have a strong feeling that it is just the start that is difficult and full of pitfalls but once a few countries embrace the benefits of marijuana then there won't be any going back and the movement will get faster and faster.