Did Sovereign Fields Just Create Federally Legal Weed with Kush Hemp E1?

last year

While we relentlessly continue the fight to #EndProhibition, governments tend to not help us in agreeing with their own historical errors and reversing them.

One of the current biggest fallacies in narcotics regulations is the scheduled status of cannabis, scheduled federally in most nations, but hyper locally at times legal. Aside from the history of cannabis’ prohibition, throughout the whole drive to stigmatize cannabis, lawmakers have always struggled with the diverse characters and possibilities of the cannabis plant. When in 1925 the USA pushed for Cannabis to be added to the Second International Opium Commission, the first draft specifically excluded male plants from the prohibition.

Last year, when the American President signed the Farm Bill the fallacy reached its apex as one plant was both legalized federally and at the same time also federally prohibited.

Because, cannabis and hemp are the same plant.

Kush Hemp E1 - photo via Sovereign Fields

Now it seems that a breeder has found a way to federally provide legal weed to every state in the USA, and potentially even to many more countries.

Kush Hemp E1, the Most Terpene Enriched Hemp by Sovereign Fields

Sovereign Fields, a breeder and online store, grow feminized hemp in South Oregon and Illinois. The brand recently announced its new “boutique flower”, Kush HempE1 Indica dominant... federally legal hemp.

Kush Hemp the breakthrough of the century in boutique hemp flowers and flavor profiles: a pre-98 Bubba Kush via (@humboldt_seeds) and an elite CBD hemp cultivar. It is an amazing plant with stout open structure, which results in great light penetration and thus large, compact, resinous buds. It requires a medium growing period indoors and enjoys temperate, dry, desert and Mediterranean climates or the shelter of a greenhouse outdoors. Resistant to moisture and mold/PM, staking is not necessary to hold the plant at the end of flowering.

The breeding of the variety, which is low in THC (less than 0.3% to be classifieds as hemp) but high in CBD, ended last year October, after combining an older Bubba Kush strain from Humboldt Seeds, and was pre-announced on YouTube.

Sovereign Fields recently made the pre-rolls with 16% CBD, as well as pre-ground seeds (12% CBD), vapes, and even tinctures available in its online store.

Cannabis Industry Finds Its Way in Legal Sector

Obviously, in an industry always relegated to the underground and black market, it was merely a matter of time until a genius came up with this awesome legal solution.

Especially given the the origin of both legal varieties... in the same plant.

While there is a continued vocal niche of FUDding prohibitionists, in the executive, in legal, in media, and in society, it always was a stupidity to legalize one variety but not the other. It’s the same as saying that your left leg is legal but not your right leg because while the same leg structure the foot on your right leg is oriented differently.

Of course, humans have track record with such things as for decades in school left handed kids had to learn to write with their right hand.

More interestingly to see will be whether this solution, possibly due to the offered pre-rolls, will lead to an increase in citizens requesting flower and also full legalization of marijuana in their state, as well as federally and even worldwide.

CBD, the new Mangoesteen, pushing people to THC to treat their migraine

While #CBD is currently peddled almost as the “new Aloe Vera”, complete with the stupidest ideas like CBD-infused clothing to prevent soreness before it starts, Sovereign Fields’ highlighting of the ridiculous regulation may remove stigma for many still on the verge.

Just like CBD-infused bacon would, which would prevent cancer before the carcinogens enter your blood, right?

End of Prohibition in Sight in USA?

With an always more intensified push to legalize marijuana, by presidential candidates, the end of prohibition may happen sooner than many think. Especially now what we’ve regularly predicted in comments here on Smoke.io may actually happen and Trump is expected to soon also embrace legal weed because, obviously, he doesn’t want his swamp to miss out on big money and votes are votes in a possibly tight race.

While Kush Hemp E1 will probably go down as a fun anecdote in the #NewProhibition lore, it could lead to increased awareness and thus more people understanding the stupidity of the prohibition in the first place.

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