Isle of Man Consults Population on Medicinal Cannabis Use

6 months ago

The Isle of Man, host to the legendary and famous TT Races, has started a public consultation on whether it should extend the very limited UK regulations for medicinal cannabis use.

The UK’s regulations, which since November 2018 allowed very few cannabis products to be prescribed in a very specific and narrow number of cases — see official NHS page — also de facto apply on the Isle of Man. The self-governing crown dependency has the option to set its own regulatory framework though and is apparently considering such.

The Isle of Man

To get the ball rolling, the Isle of Man has started a public consultation asking its citizens on their views on medicinal cannabis use.

The consultations asks among others whether:

  • The Isle of Man should stay in line with UK laws
  • Whether it should extend cases with chronic pain and palliative care
  • Whether GPS should be able to prescribe medicinal cannabis (UK laws require a specialist doctor)
  • Should medicinal cannabis be available over the counter at pharmacies (drug stores)
  • Should it be allowed to cultivate and produce cannabis for medicinal use locally on the isle.

The crown dependency plans to also hold a public consultation about recreational adult-use at a later stage. Both consultations take place separately in order to avoid that views on recreational use may distort the outcome of the first consultation on medicinal use, per Home Affairs Minister Bill Malarkey.

Health Minister David Ashford claims the consultation is required because it is a logical evolution of a debate which has been ongoing for several years already and now is “the perfect time”.

“As a doctor I've met increasing numbers of people from all ages, and from all classes, who are using medicinalcannabis because they find it helps far better than conventional medicines, but are living in fear of being arrested and criminalised for that use”
Dr. Alex Allison MHK

This isn’t the only public consultation about the cannabis plant the Isle of Man is holding right now. A simultaneous separate consultation on growing of industrial hemp on the isle is ongoing as well.

Consultations are open to Manxman until March 20th, 2019. No date for the consultation on recreational use has been announced yet.

Bonus: If you want to get a bit of the thrill of the TT Races, find/watch this movie.

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Perhaps the seemingly entrenched UK position on this (and it's not even close to legalisation we're talking about) may shift as a result of movement around the fringes. The silence and stubbornness of 'law-makers' on this issue says a lot about who pulls their strings! However, I believe that when things change, they will change dramatically and swiftly........much of the current bullshit will be swept aside.


It always comes from the fringes or at least starts there. Most countries looking into a more progressive position have coalition governments and it’s often the “needed partner to form a majority” who starts it all. But you have no Green Party who campaigned with it and may even be needed for a majority.

The issue with bi-partisan systems. All or nothing more often than not, not an evolutionary path. And due to the lack of possibly needing to work together in next gov... there’s no need to stay nice and build on each other’s work.

Isle of Man laws eventually tend to cascade into the U.K. Though. Maybe they may remove the hypocrisy... British Sugar?


The 'change' I look forward to is a radical shift away from the drip-feed of manufactured consensus and illusory power of choice (eg through voting or activism). Within the current system, it is as you more-or-less say, opportunism and short-term thinking.

I'm wondering when the 'economic' argument will push things through in the manner of the US. I'm also wondering if it's a question of bigPharma and other interests setting the stage for themselves first before hitting us with it!?

I think a looser hand will inevitably come to the UK, and perhaps a lot sooner than we may be led to believe by the fumblings and scratchings on the surface!

I remain optimistic and hopeful 🔆


No matter what, the UK is one of the more progressive nations in the world. That’s a positive.

At the same time it’s also a lobbying capital and one with so-called “revolving doors”.

The scenario of big pharma positioning itself first is highly likely. The UK is one of the largest medical cannabis producers after all with British Sugar.

When I happens I expect the glass ceiling to be shattered and a shift from ignored as now to fully legal in a matter of few years only.

But before it comes so far the Daily [Choose Your Pick] have different agendas and will get some more too first, depending on Brexit fallout.

Here's hoping they do so, the state of the UK medical cannabis scene is a shite state of affairs.


The NHS page about medicinal use is so... errr comforting?

Very few people in England are likely to get a prescription for medical cannabis.

Isle of Man becoming ever more interesting, and that not merely because of taxes. They just seems to be a decade ahead in policies and thinking. At least.


Yeah it's pretty fucked, they're too ready to dish out opiates like candy though, hypocrisy.

Great news! Let's hope they will enable the use of cannabis not only for medicinal purposes!


Isle of Man, Manxman in general, is usually rather progressive in its social policies. The fact they opt for two separate consultations may point at big support for medicinal use but still ambiguity for recreational.