In Vermont It Is Not Allowed to Grow Pot in Public Gardens 🙀

last year

Everyone who has travelled, especially backpackers, may at some point have been confronted with the passion and love for the green state up north, as Vermont has for a long time had a weed-friendly reputation already. By long we mean almost as long as California, definitely since long before legalization era.

Or maybe we should say “long before #newprohibition era”.

One of the plants - Image via Vermont Capitol Police

But, apparently, things have taken a weird twist and in Vermont they seem to have lost their sense of humor nowadays. Not necessarily when it comes to pot, but surely when it comes to tolerance.

Legal Marijuana in Vermont

Since last year the state has an official legal cannabis stance and adults are allowed to possess up to an ounce of weed, and can also grow at home. Each residence is allowed to have two mature plants and four immature plants at any time.

Not bad, maybe the state long known for its excellent quality was a little late to the #legalizeit party but at least progress was made and you can grow your own weed as well as have enough buds on you for yourself and your mates.

Public Growing Not Allowed in State House

When earlier this month 34 marijuana plants were discovered in a flower bed in the Vermont State House, the cops knew but one thing to do and, yes you guessed it correctly, they removed the beautiful plants.

Of course, they were rather clueless about who had decided to grow in the public flower beds. Nevertheless, cops being cops, they did decide that tips were welcome and if someone were to come claim the plants, they would listen to them.

“We also have no thoughts on why someone would plant it. But if anyone wants to claim it and let us know why they planted it, we are happy to listen.”
— Capitol Police Chief Matt Romei to CNN

Obviously, claiming the plants would open to prosecution. 🤦‍♂️

Which is pretty sad for what was otherwise a rather good joke. Almost as sad as not being able to buy lobster and weed together.

Vermont Cops Have Sense of Humor

According to Romei it wasn’t the first time cannabis plants were found growing on the State House grounds, but it was the first time since he had been chief. He did find it a funny story nevertheless.

“This was a humorous thing to come back to off from vacation”
— Capitol Police Chief Matt Romei

So, maybe, the state of Vermont isn’t as green as you thought it was, but cops can nevertheless enjoy a good joke.

More cannabis plants at the Vermont State House - photo courtesy of Vermont Capitol Police

Still, even though we don’t know whether it was hemp or marijuana and the department will not have the plants tested, we find it a pity of 34 potentially great plants. Of course, it is always possible that the grower had noticed they were male plants and just wanted to make the public flower beds slightly more interesting. Because, apparently, they are excellent to grow things in according to Romei, who couldn’t resist an obvious pun in his statement either.

” You could plant a 2-by-4 piece of lumber in there, and it would grow into a palm tree. So it is totally not surprising that if somebody would put some marijuana seeds in there, they would grow like weeds.”
— Capitol Police Chief Matt Romei

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Love it, that's fucking awesome! LOL


We want to know what truly happened with the plants. Six cops shared them among themselves after removing them?


They looked so cool with all of the other plants and flowers, it's a shame:( You're right, who in their right mind would step forward to claim responsibility? Maybe they took them home and planted them in their tomato garden?


We think it’s fair to assume that in Vermont most cops have a tomato garden. We agree. 🤘

I read this first of Facebook. I died laughing my ass off. Atleast the Boyz I blue had a respectable sense of humor. But they must be clueless if they think anyone would come forward about it.