Mounties Feared Organized Crime Would Take Over Medical Marijuana Sector

9 months ago

The Hells Angels and Mexican cartels distributing your medical marijuana?

Almost just a bad dream as an internal report by the Canadian Royal Mounted Police, AKA the Mounties, from earlier this decade shows.


An internal report from 2013, obtained by the Toronto Star, reveals that organized crime groups, like the Hells Angels, had applied to become producers of medical marijuana (MMJ). The Hells Angels weren’t the only group who applied though. Known Mexican cocaine cartels and the mafia had also looked to legitimize operation by entering the then emerging industry.

“There is no shortage of organized criminal groups who have applied to produce Medical Marihuana”

“The RCMP's initial background check of applicant ventures have turned up significant hits and raised significant alarm bells inside the Federal Policing program“

The report was created by the RCMP’s Federal Serious and Organized Crime Section, before the Canadian Government legitimized medical marijuana in March 2014.

Obviously, this is not too surprising as organized crime has always looked at legal opportunities, both to consolidate and legitimize part of their operations, and also to launder money through.

According to the report Mexican drug cartels were also looking into entering the Canadian mining industry and had already found significant income from iron and ore mining.

Since Canadian laws have changed, and even legalized recreational adult use end last year, the fears have not fulfilled itself and the Canadian marijuana sector has legitimized itself without known participation of crime organizations.

The question to ask in 2019, or should we say 2018, now is whether the fear of organized crime taking — which has proven unsubstantiated despite law organizations across the USA and Canada regularly making linking the presence of foreigners to cartels — has influenced the current Canadian recreational law which allows only state produced (licensed) marijuana to be sold through legal outlets. It is known that legal marijuana is a great path to cut out illegal production.

Or, maybe, the Hells Angels and Mexican cartels decided that the legal path wasn’t that interesting at all and still left much room — and especially income — up for grabs?

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Without Prohibition

The 'stupid' profits are no longer there to be made. With quasi-legalization opening the doors to eventual deregulation, it's not smart to target the cannabis industry for insane profits.

I see the most money being made by the mfgs who invent a great product, produced from the millions of acres of cheap outdoor cannabis which will be grown and sold.

The other end of the market will be like a unique type of 'craft' industry, made up of mostly smaller operations with specialty types of cannabis.

Terroir plays a huge role in cannabis chemotype and phenotype expression. It has an even greater impact (in my opinion) than it does in the wine, coffee and tobacco industries.

You will find unique, crafted cannabis strains, adapted to specific micro climates in a region. The unique flavors, aromas and chemotypes produced will be specific to these tiny areas, and areas extremely similar in all conditions.

There's a few decades of innovations and awesomeness yet to come, with cannabis. :)

Go BE Awesome!! :D


You will find unique, crafted cannabis strains, adapted to specific micro climates in a region. The unique flavors, aromas...

And the Smoke blockchain will host a Seedbank for those breeders and breeds.

Let’s BE awesome. 🤘

Yeah ... a few shrewd Banksters and Politicians and especially retired cops are running the show in Canada. They will all be Billionaires very soon.


Once he soon[ish] resigned, Trudeau can probably become advisor or member of the Board of Directors at Aurora.


He is already the largest shareholder of Canopy Growth. Along with all the World Police Force. Trudeau is in complete control. He will never ever resign. He is the new King of Pot .... controls the World’s pot supply already.


Trudeau will be the Prime Minister forever. He will never lose.