Canada to Get Its First Cannabis-Themed Golf Course

last year

And, of course, it will open on 4/20.

One thing the cannabis industry has not had the benefit of claiming the brownie points for was hipsters. No, they grew with the industry because most/some/few hipsters long toked before we had any legalization already. That’s what hipsters do, right.

But cannabis is going places nevertheless and hitting the limelight. It would be simple to think that once Martha Stewart endorses your product you’ve won. You probably did or are close to doing so. But since a decade or so there’s another benchmark, one embraced even by Millennials.



Of course, the golf industry — despite being huge — has faced challenges in recent years and much of those challenges revolve around engaging the Millennial audience as boomers are slowly but surely starting to... age and play less.

Millennials generally have shown interest in golf and tend to test the game but churn can be high because they often consider it too challenging or the learning curve is too long. But golf brands have nevertheless managed to focus on the demographic and Millennials are to become the largest age group in golf.

“Come Roll with Us”

Canadian Rolling Greens owner has seen another opportunity in order to grow its golf brand and the popularity of its course and will open a new cannabis themed course in Smiths Falls, Ontario, on 4/20.

Owner Weiske thinks the new greens may appeal to a new, younger audience.

"The sport in general isn't typically young, it's usually a more of a mature age. I think we'll be attracting a lot of new golfers."

A recent poll, by golf publication BC Golf, highlighted that younger more than half of the younger players may bring some weed to the course. But that may at the same time also be a deterrent for older players.

Sadly enough Rolling Greens will not have a dispensary on the course but instead golfers will have to BYO (Bring Your Own). The province of Ontario has issued only 25 licenses throughout the province, via lottery, and Weiske, nor Smith Falls, have managed to win the fast track to the green.

Nevertheless Weiske is hopefully that the new cannabis-themed gold course may lead to cannabis tourism. We surely would go, even more so if the greens are marijuana plant themed.

Par 4 on White Widow, Par 5 on Bubba Kush, Birdie on Girl Scout Cookies... yup, we can absolutely imagine that on our score card. And it seems Weiske also understands that we all like some fun. And fun may have led to media coverage too.

"Cannabis has always been enjoyed, it's always been a social thing and the fun sort of has been taken out of it. I feel the reason why our little news story has gained so much attention is because it's a fun story."

For Weiske cannabis is perfect fit for golf, a “natural fit” even, and allowing a toke on the course is not different from the elder generation having a few drinks on the course while playing.

Enough reasons for him to re-theme the Lombard Glen Golf & Country Club and reopen as Rolling Greens on 4/20.

Cannada putting the recreational in recreational use since October 17, 2018.

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Sounds pretty cool. . Rolling Greens doesn't even sound particularly "weedy" but pretty clever..

I used to play golf when I was younger and we would occasionally blaze up.. It's kind of the perfect place as anyone playing behind or infront of you is generally atleast 150m away. :D


The name is totally smart. Smarter than I myself could come up with [more] puns.

Dam i may have to take up golfing 🤣


Live stream it! Put a Go Pro on the caddy and call the stream the Smoke Shack.


🤣 🤔 ideas, this could get views lol