FDA to Hold First Hearing on CBD in May. Finally

last year

What has become one of the longest burners in the legal labyrinth of the USA seems to finally start progressing and the FDA is to hold its first hearing about CBD in May.

Without promising any silver bullet, or quick resolution.


CBD has long become a wellness trend in the First World, and found its way in several applications. From athletes using CBD to treat injuries and recover faster to wellness brands and even restaurants serving food flavored with CBD. The latter much to the disdain of certain Departments of Health even.

Due to the lack of any position by the Food and Drug Administration, CBD has so far lived in a limbo and states, even local councils, have been free to treat it as they wanted. Additionallly, as readers of these pages know, research of the benefits — or harm — of cannabis and its components is still in infancy and mostly impossible.

Yet, possible progress may come to our doorstep, although according to the outgoing FDA commissioner, Scott Gottlieb, it won’t happen fast.

“It’s critical that we address these unanswered questions about CBD and other cannabis and cannabis-derived products to help inform the FDA’s regulatory oversight of these products — especially as the agency considers whether it could be appropriate to exercise its authority to allow the use of CBD in dietary supplements and other foods.”
Scott Gottlieb, FDA Commissioner

While a slow FDA process may currently be a deterrrent to an ever-growing industry, especially since the passing of the Farming Act, end 2018, it is good to see that the FDA hasn’t further delayed the topic, as was feared when Gottlieb announced his departure from the department.

After all, the FDA already took one previous position on the use and application of CBD as a medical product when it approved CBD-derived Epidiolex, which can be helpful to treat epilepsy.

Currently the production of CBD-based products is legal in the USA, and also many other places, as long as the THC content is below 0.3%. Yet, most nations have not yet taken an explicit position on CBD products themselves and in many places the products are not allowed to be marketed as having any medical benefit.

Nevertheless in recent months CBD has grown to be one of the faster climbers in awareness due to marketing, and even has started to hit the spam folders of many an email account as well. Such is the buzz around the product, and with always more adoption also by “idols” and the entry of celebrities in the sector will only further amplify that.

Obviously, as fan and advocates of most things cannabis, we are firmly in the camp of those who would love to see a quicker resolution to the limbo, but at the same time we would also prefer to have solid evidence based decisions rather than merely pseudoscience.

While a slow-moving process may not necessarily be the best evolution, and risks relegation CBD products to the pile next to Aloe Vera and Mangosteen n popu stalls, seeing that official agencies take the product serious and want to make solid decisions is yet another confirmation of the growing sector we are all watching and part of.

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When THC 100%? :(


Vapes are your friend. 88-89% is commonly found.

Then there is the study which claims that the combination of tobacco and cannabis increases the THC intake 45%, so would take joint of the stronger indica varieties to close to 50% already. Or better even, in one hitters. But, of course, that’s more dangerous for your health too.