David Irving Speaks Up About Leaving NFL and Enters Cannabis Sector

9 months ago

Two weeks ago Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle David Irving caused quite the commotion when he announced in a live video on Instagram that he was quitting the NFL.

In the video Irving, who was sitting in his bath tub, could be seen smoking a blunt. In his ranting announcement Irving blamed the NFL’s drug policies, forcing players to use opioids or Xanax. During his affiliation with the Dallas Cowboys, Irving was also several times out due to concussion-related injuries.


Before his announcement the Cowboy was indefinitely suspended by the NFL for violating the substance abuse policy. Not for the first time.

Two weeks after quitting the NFL, Irving has now spoken about about the real reasons behind his motivation.

“You can check all my medical records. I wasn't diagnosed with any of these things before the NFL.”
“I've been in what, four and a half years now? It was scary to know I played a sport and am having these concussions and I don't really know how long I'm going to live.“
David Irving to USA Today

Irving claimed that following his most recent suspension, because the NFL currently still supports chemical drugs over allowing marijuana, a the Cowboys’ head coach Jason Garrett has enough of the recurring situation and Irving’s position in the team.

“He told me I should just quit, smoke all the weed I want, the team didn't need me. I'm a distraction to the team.”
“He views marijuana as a drug, whereas I view it as a medicine. It's not a good situation.“

Both fundamentally disagreed about the situation because according to Irving garrett sees marijuana as a drug.

Subsequently Irving decided to quit the sport because of the continued sustained injuries, the enforced use of harmful chemical drugs, and potentially even required rehab to detox from opioids and thus time lost with his daughter. Not to smoke pot.

“I didn't quit football to smoke weed. That would be idiotic. I understand that. It's about wellness, about rights.”

Following retiring from the NFL Irving didn’t just sit in his bath tub smoking bunts but has been rather active, active carving his path in the cannabis sector.

He is in talks to launch a new line of cannabis products with Ghost Beverage and also working at a docuseries about the the NFL and its relationship with medical marijuana.

The documentary will be aptly tilted “Shut Up and Tackle”.

Irving is not the first NFL, or rather ex-NFL star, to focus on cannabis business. Previously we saw legend Joe Montana co-invest in California based dispensary chain Caliva.

Photos via David Irving Instagram.

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