Chinese Delegation to Meet with Israeli Cannabis Researchers and Startups

7 months ago

With the cannabis sector picking up, and seeing always more money, there was no doubt that China would move in to the niche as well.

Of course, China - despite draconian local drugs regulations - is not a newcomer in the sector and has long been one of the major producers and exporters of hemp, providing around one third of the world’s supply.

Photo via Unsplash

According to CTech a Chinese delegation of researchers and businessmen is to meet with Israeli researchers and startups in the Cannabis Sector. Israel itself one of the leading nations, and with a pending regulation on export approval.

Being the thriving startup hub Israel has become, there is little doubt that with the new regulations for pharma-use the country will see much more investment and also collaborations with other investing nations beyond Canada.

While China is unlikely to loosen up its own national laws, the country could obviously play a huge role in the future of the cannabis, particularly cannabidiols, market and that not only due to its own large scale of hemp production.

Leading hemp grower and biotech company CannAcubed, based in Industrial Cannabis Eco-Park Xinshuangbanna (Yunnan), recently started producing CBD product for export to Europe. Despite China’s expressed interest in research in the field, CannAcubed’s headquarters are in Singapore. That because Singapore seems to be a better location to raise funds according to CannAcubed’s CEO, Glenn Davies. Of course, Singapore’s biotech sector is also a factor in this.

“Firstly, raising capital for a cannabis company, headquartered in Singapore and [with] operations in China comes with its challenges. We chose Singapore as we believe the country represents a world-class platform to build our business on”
“Singapore is a world leader in the biotech field and we hope to be a part of that.”
Glenn Davies, CEO CannAcubed to AsiaTimes

With an explicit expansion desire, lots of money and a hunger to be a leading nation in every field, it will be interesting to discover how hungry China truly is and whether it will allow its economic prowess and ambition to supersede local laws in order to grab pieces of every possible large and innovative market.

Could Cannabis based investments become a part of China’s Belt and Road [related] investments as well?

One thing is obvious: there’s no stopping China anymore and whoever wants to grow economically will have to find ways to co-operate with China and Chinese money in the next decades.

China is here to stay and the international Cannabis sector will soon become one of many to benefit Chinese investments. One more.

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China should legalize weed, otherwise do they get all their policies from USA? 🤣


Maybe once legalized they would be slightly less offensive too in their expansion drive. 😂

Hey @alibi really nice and instructive short article 👍 I believe that you should put the link of the picture if its not original artwork. I had no idea that china would be working in this field.

Upsmoked, Resmoked, Followed.


Thanks for your feedback. The image used is do whatever you want license via Unsplash. But you are right, I sometimes do like here, sometimes don’t add the link for images with that or similar licenses. When file photos via another outlet I absolutely source and reference them though. That said, with category news and the used tags, there’s no claim or attempt whatsoever to make the image the earner in my content/creation.

Will try to make a habit of not forgetting it anymore.


Awesome man. Thank you very much :)


To be entirely honest, whether I reference “do whatever you want with it” licensed images often depends on how good I find the picture myself. Or does it look close to stock photography in style.

Of course, I would never use just an image and tag it art or photography without declining rewards. But will try to be more valiant about it. 👊

This is a very interesting development. China CBD oil and other medicinals will be huge. Good move for Israel to team up with that Giant. Now I am liking Cronos again. What a wild race is under way here.

i think in chinese the military is allowed to smoke pot...!

Well China is a massive population and if they can be on the accepted side of the cannabis then the rest of the world won't matter that much. It is such a big population that it can single handedly make the cannabis go shortage. China, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh and i think these 4 countries covers more then then 60% of the population of the world.

Nice article you have really gone far and wade just to came about this news nice one keep it up.

One day I buy a few shares of Canopy the next day I have to buy a few shares of Cronos or any other Israeli Cannabis Company.