Children with Autism See Improvement after High-CBD and Low-THC Medical Cannabis says Study

6 months ago

Israeli medicinal cannabis producer Tikun Olam has been serving medical cannabis users since 2010 and treated more than 20,000 patients since.

The company recently published the results of a new study on autistic children using its high-CBD low-THC strains. 188 children were followed in the study over a period of two years.

After only six months of daily treatment 4/5 patients already reported improvements, with 30% reporting “significant improvements”. IOther results included:

  • Of 27 patients who had epilepsy, 24 reported improved or disappearance of symptoms;
  • 34% of patients decreased other medications; and
  • 20% of patients stopped using antipsychotic medication.

Tikun Olam’s Avidekel medical cannabis had a large impact on the quality of life experienced by both the children and also their parents, after only six months. Significant improvements were obtained also in the areas of sleeping and concentration.

Quality of life, mood and ability to perform activities of daily living were assessed before the treatment and at six months. Good quality of life was reported by 31.3% of patients prior to treatment initiation while at 6 months good quality of life was reported by 66.8%. Positive mood was reported by the parents on 42% before treatment and 63.5% after 6 months of treatment.

The ability to dress and shower independently was significantly improved from 26.4% reported no difficulty in these activities prior to the treatment to 42.9% at six months. Similarly, good sleep and good concentration were reported by 3.3% and 0.0% (respectively) before the treatment and on 24.7% and 14.0% during an active treatment.

While these are still early days in understanding of marijuana’s impact on many illnesses, the improvements observed definitely deserve attention and are yet another WIN for the medicinal properties of the marijuana.

“The data shows that autism patients can improve their overall quality of life utilizing a high CBD strain, and most importantly, that young users can safely and effectively benefit from medical cannabis.”

“With this study, cannabis is shown to be an effective choice for parents looking for the safest and most neuroprotective treatment.”
— Annabelle Manalo, PhD, Science Director at Tikun Olam.

With upcoming legal export regulation for medical cannabis use, Israel once again puts itself in the middle of the growing market thanks to its science nous. I doubt we are done hearing news coming Israel, and the area around Tel Aviv. Both in about new products, scientific research and soon enough also about Big Pharma investment in the area.

Read complete Study over at Real Life Experience of Medical Cannabis Treatment in Autism: Analsys of Safety and Efficacy.

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This is a bit tricky, when the company that sells something publishes reaserch. If any pharmaceutical company did this it would be called data falsification.
Someone has to start it, and who better then the one in buisnes, but we all know most of the multinational and capitalist companies are here for profit. Just look at pharmacies. Perfect concept of drugs and helping people is being completely turned over and lost trust because of profit.

On the other hand it is great that some attention is being drawn to this topic.


While I don’t disagree with anything in your comment, I’m going with your closing statement here. Studies like these, which obviously are for the monniezzz, can also lead to more - and hopefully better - academic research. Even if only to back an application for a related grant.


My son is on the spectrum and these studies were done because brave parents who were at their wits end tried it and it worked. And CBD helps a whole lot where you can see the difference if you watch when he is on it and when he isn't on it.


Don't get me wrong, I am not saying it does or doesn't work, I was referring to study.
My nephew has intensive or strong, don't know how to say Autism, sadly in Croatia. There, he will never have proper therapy, not to mention CBD. In Serbia they have some clinic where they have really big success in socialising children while they educate parents how to act and deal with it.


There is a way to help recover him. Without CBD though CBD would help. Technology is the key to helping unlocking those on the spectrum. We just recently got access to CBD and I used different methods to help unlock my son. It does take some work to get those who are lower functioning to use a computer or a tablet. But if you keep with it they start to learn how to use it. Then they start communicating and have a voice, it can change everything for them because they can tell you where they are hurting. Autism does physically hurt it just isn't a neurological condition, it also causes joint pain and other types of pain. When they can communicate effectively melt downs stop. I have seen it over and over again with those on the spectrum. My son who I was told would get a completion certificate for schooling if I kept him in Public School and not a diploma track I knew I couldn't give upon him like the Public School system had. So since I can legally in my country Home School that is what I did for him. I used technology to unlock him. He graduated in May of last year with honors and college credits. He has a job and is working saving for his future and that kid I use to worry about all those years ago I am not longer worried about at all he is going to be just fine and do amazing things in his life.

My son has a form of Autism. He's high functioning. I wish I could without getting in trouble. I'm so scared they'd lock me away.


Charlotte's Web is legal in all 50 states. If you are in the United States anyways. And my son who is on the spectrum also high functioning is on it, and he has less pain, less flaps and functions better when taking it. When he forgets to take it, his joints hurts his flaps are back and his functioning levels are back into his own world instead of plugging into the world around him. CBD is awesome for those on the spectrum, and I say this from seeing what it has done for my son. Studies for or against doesn't matter because it is working for him. CBD is considered HEMP which is legal and is considered a dietary aid just like a vitamin. The THC levels are so low they don't show up on drug tests.


Ill have to look into that .... im going to need to buy a farm. Lol start growing to affording! Lol


girl I hear ya there, I am so tired of the high cost of my choice of medicine and since all my babies are grown now, I said Screw it, I am not scared of jail I was scared of my kids going into the system they are all grown and can't go into foster care anymore, I am trying to grow my own now, not waiting for the law to catch up. The only fear that kept me from doing it is all grown up and is no longer there.


No possibility to get him in medical prescription?

Not sure how the law is on medical use for children at yours but there’s some states where it is allowed.

Tikun Olam .... Repairing the World .... Perfect Name.