More Descheduling Support for Cannabis, Now from House Judiciary Committee?

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7 months ago

After being congratulated on his new position, and baited to react, the new chair of the House Judiciary Committee Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) said that the committee could soon be discussion the descheduling of marijuana.


Replying to Rep. Matt Gaetz, who expressed looking forward to a more engaging, transparent, and robust in discussion on the topic of marijuana in the committee than in the previous Congress, Nadler dropped what could be the biggest official bombshell pro-cannabis descheduling yet in response to Gaetz cannabis taunt.

“I will say I had hoped that at one of our initial meetings we would have been giving powers back to the states in the form of removing cannabis from the list of Schedule I drugs rather than taking powers from the states.”
“I’ll also note that with some of the new additions on the Republican side, I think the committee would be very favorable”
Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL)

Leading the House Judiciary Committee in the newly Democratic House majority, Chairman Nadler who is known to support legalizing and regulating marijuana, replied that the topic may be discussed “fairly soon” in the committee.

“Let me just observe on your time that we may be discussing that fairly soon.”
Rep. Jerry Nadler, Chairman House Judiciary Committee

As Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Nadler is responsible for several federal agencies, one of which the Drugs Enforcement Administration (DEA), and can help shape and push the reform agenda in the 116th Congress.

Combined with multiple introduced bills and initiatives already, the momentum pro-marijuana and for descheduling is definitely taking pace in the USA.

Recently even Trump’s Surgeon General, Jerome Adams’s, expressed implicitly that the country needs to overhaul its drugs policies. While Adams is not pro-marijuana he also expressed that within his role he needs more research on the product, research which obviously can only happen when marijuana has been removed from the Schedule 1 list. In a talk in Boston end last year he expressed that the Schedule 1 classification of marijuana suppresses research and thus needs to be re-examined in order for the right, “evidence-based findings” to guide decisions. Evidence which can not be provided due to the Schedule 1 classification, of course.

Adams himself, much like Trump’s Attorney General candidate William Barr, isn’t in favor of rescheduling but both seem to support the zeitgeist given sufficient evidence and support to move on and improve the actual legal gridlock and rather unworkable framework due to the Schedule 1 status.

While it doesn’t happen often that we feel an urge to resort to sarcasm on these pages, assessing the statements of both wise men we do feel that right now there’s a big need for our favorite “No shit, Sherlock!” right now.

Furthermore Kevin Murphy, CEO of Acreage Holdings who hit the news and media big time — but not during the Super Bowl — with their by CBS rejected commercial, thinks that 2019 is indeed the year in which it all will happen. All but that Super Bowl half-time commercial, of course.

I believe 2019 is going to be the year. I believe that it’s going to take place through the STATES Act.”
Kevin Murphy, CEO Acreage Holdings

The STATES Act (PDF) was introduced by Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Cory Garndener (R-CO) and aims to cover the discrepancy between federally regulated financial institutions who can not touch anything considered a Schedule 1 drug and local legalized markets.

In recent weeks we have regularly reported about the position of new appointees, newly introduced efforts and bills on federal level. While there is still a long way to go, and the opposition will be huge - also weaponed with overreaching misrepresentations, it seems that the pro-rescheduling moment is picking up tremendous pace and at least the Democratic House majority could get the ball rolling, all the way to the Senate, this year.

High time, we say before we now roll another one and light up.

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That is good news... They´ve come a long way... they should have done it long ago. The cannabis industry is big business which means more taxes for the government. Descheduling marijuana is a big move..


Slowly but surely everything is lining up nicely, like a player setting up his Stratego board. No doubt there will be huge opposition and there wil be heavy debates but eventually it will happen.

Personally, I think Trump is the least of our worries in this aspect. As long as his swamp can benefit from it, he will sign it. Despite being teatotaller [sp?].