Canadians Don’t Smoke More Since Legalization but Opt for Quality Rather than Prize

5 months ago

According to official poll by Statistics Canada, Canadians haven’t ran in droves and all become fans of the greens we love here on since it was legalized and the country was officially renamed to Cannada.

Official numbers from StatsCan showed that around 4.6 million Canadians used cannabis in the last quarter of 2018, or around 15%. The number is the same than before legalization.

Canadians waiting for opening - Photo by Brian McInnis/The Canadian Press Files

Around half said to use cannabis recreationally, with one quarter mentioning medicinal reasons.

One quarter only of recreational users mentioned they still obtained their weed legally from dispensaries or authorized outlets.

Of course, Canada has suffered widely documented shortages in retail, as well as many places still living without accessible dispensaries or only very few retail outlets nearby.

The poll by the national statistics office also kept an eye on the prize of cannabis and on average legal cannabis costs CAD 9.70 per gram where the average black market cost is at CAD $6.50. No wonder Canadians still love their dank dealer.

Consumers who purchased via official outlets did claim to look mostly for quality and safety rather than for cheap weed or easy access.

It is interesting to note that quality is the main focus of customers since it is common to hear that users, especially homegrowers, were accustomed to better quality compared to the products often available in legal retail outlets.

Then again, who doesn’t love having confirmation that no pesticides or other harmful products were used. We here at Alibi HQ don’t particularly like smoking hairspray, let alone pesticides, and I bet you don’t either.

The poll also revealed that men tend to use cannabis at a higher rate than women, younger people tend to use it more than older people, and Quebec does what Quebec does... the leaf is least popular there compared to other states.

It will be interesting to keep an eye on the regular polls by StatsCan given the struggles canada has experienced so far but also the heavy investment in Canadian cannabis stocks as well as the whole niche and also international market the country has immediately embraced.

Usage numbers are expected to increase as the legalized situation rolls out to more cities and towns and the known shortage issues are solved. In the mean time, pretty much the whole financial world is waiting for financial reports of Canadian cannabis stocks to be published this week.

Like most non-Canadians living in a prohibition location we would immediately consider relocating if only the heating were turned on. Alternatively we may need to reconsider PoW crypto-projects in order to have sufficient miners heat our space and keep those plants nicely warm.

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