One Canadian in Six, Aged 15 or Older, Now Consumes Cannabis, Illegal Sources Still Popular

last year

While many Canadians tokers continue to lament the poor implementation of the cannabis legalization, updated statistics reported by Statistics #Canada have shown an increase in number of cannabis consumers.

While the report doesn’t elaborate on whether this increase compared to previous statistics is due to less stigma around the greens since legalization, it is clear that Canadians love their cannabis.


Registering just above 5 million users aged 15 or older, the cannabis consuming population has grown almost 10% compared to previous report’s #statistics.

The country still sees a majority of male consumers but counts almost 2 millions canna-girls too.

Large Share of Medical Users

One of the numbers which stood out to us when checking the data, is that more than half of the users report medical use.

  • 332,700 reported using cannabis for a medical purpose with documentation
  • 811,600 for a medical purpose without documentation
  • 1,583,100 for both medical and non-medical purposes


While we don’t doubt the honesty of participants in #StatsCan’s survey, the high number of “medical users” tells us that the stigma still exists. While it is true that Canada still has distribution problems and lacks legal dispensaries, with recreational use now legalized one would expect a larger share of recreational users. But, of course, here at AlibiHQ we do accept a bias in our assessment.

Illegal Sources Still Popular

Just like in the previous report, illegal supply is still popular among Canadians and both female and male consumers source more than 40% of their supply from illegal sources. Women do get more from friends and family than from illegal sources, though.


Other interesting data in the survey showed a confirmation of trends also noticed in the USA: more men (82%) than women (67%) prefer dried flower. Just less than half of consumers reported that dried flower is the only cannabis product they consume (49% male, 41% female). 23% of women reported to not consume any dried flower (12% male).

19% of the population now also vapes, while hashish and kief continue to be reasonable popular at 16%.

Smoking is still the most preferred method of consuming cannabis in Canada (male 68%, female 62%).

We look forward to future statistics when the craziness that is the Canadian lottery system for dispensaries, has handed out more licenses and made cannabis more accessible everywhere in the country. And when Canada has nationally taken care of rolling out edibles as well.

Note: all data tables screenshotted from Statistics Canada.

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I see @Alibi's absence has produced another stellar report! Well done and much appreciated:)


Was away on an adventure with my toking dwarf mates. Even learned how to use emoji there. 🤣


That's so funny! I'm glad to hear that emoji's work in Middle @Cannabis Earth!


First time Smoke visitors who read these comments must be thinking “stoners... #blessthem”. 😂

I guess Canada isn't so good with their legalization as I thought. But it's still legal so that's better then nothing. Im not surprised in the least that more and more of the population are consuming cannabis. As the world is going forward and a lot of shit is happening lately and people are more and more aware of it. Especially younger generations and especially in the age of the internet where you can find out what happened in the last 5 minutes on the other side of the world. People are seeing the evil and crueal reality of the world from a much younger age and are looking for ways to escape that reality. And the safest way most see this escape is in consuming cannabis to just fly away and not thing about the happenings. I believe social media's contributed a lot to the rise of cannabis consumers.


It was a path to approach it. In the legal states in the US red tape is also rather ridiculous and the market isn’t as free yet as one would hope. But humble beginnings, right?


Exacly. There must always be a first step. And the first ones are always shaky. It takes time and sometimes a few years for such a huge chance to develop all the necesery parts to function as it's supposed to function. Even now there are many laws trough out the world that have existed for decades and are still shaky.

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