Bill Maher Confesses to Deal Marijuana Before Legalized Use

9 months ago

Sometimes with comedians, or political commentators, we do not necessarily know whether what they say is 100% true or not.

What we know for sure though is that Bill Maher is a long time legal marijuana advocate. The comedian has often spoken out pro-legalization. He even sits on the advisory boards of NORML and the Marijuana Policy Project.

So when Bill Maher talks cannabis we listen.

And when Bill Maher says that he used to deal marijuana we may frown an eye brown but not for more than a fraction of a second or maybe even two seconds.

Not longer though...

“I sold marijuana before it was legal. And some of it came from Florida.”
Bill Maher to Andrew Gillum

Of course, from somebody who even went as far as smoking a joint on air, long before it was cool to do so and got CEOs in on the act, that doesn’t really surprise us. Maher then even claimed that he had a medical card.

So last Friday Maher was at it again. No, not smoking on air. But in his show with Andrew Gillum, mayor of Tallahassee, FL, Maher came out of the woods and stated for the first time that he used to deal marijuana before it was legal in California.

He brought his past up when he and Gillum were discussing the electoral implactions of former drug convictions and felonies across the USA.

To have a vocal and widely respected advocate for the legalization, and also expunging of [minor] criminal records, on board and even on air multiple times a day every week, is but a massive asset for the fight pro-legalization of marijuana.

Leadpic from a former Real Time episode about Marijuana.

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