Maybe You’ve Been Storing Your Stash Incorrectly

11 months ago

Most of us know how to best keep their stash stored. Many probably started keeping their grass in containers, whether the metal tin you bought in the headshop and kept your single grams in, or in a storage container at home.

The smarter and more dedicated cannasseurs probably moved from plastic containers, or a wooden box, to glass storage containers because glass is neutral and doesn’t change the product’s flavor nor deteriorates itself.


One thing most users have in common, no matter which medium they prefer to keep their stash in is that they store their weed at room temperature. Many will say that they can easily keep their weed at high quality for weeks, months, and maybe even a year.

That may be wrong, as an Italian study highlighted. The study, directed by researchers from the University of Padua and the AULSS# Serenissima in Venice, Italy, analyses how different methods of storing cannabis impacted the THC levels over time.

The researchers analyzed the difference in quality between marijuana kept in light or dark places. They also looked at changes between weed kept at room temperature, chilled at 4 degrees Celsius in the fridge, and kept in the freezer at -20 degrees Celsius.

After 100 days, cannabis kept in a bright room and stored at room temperature had lost 13% of its THC level. The best result was obtained when storing the cannabis in the freezer, at -20 Celsius, which resulted in no noticeable change in THC content.

“Freezing is the best storage condition to avoid the reduction of the cannabinoids content over time”

When the researchers analyzed high CBD cannabis, the results changed. High CBD cannabis didn’t deteriorate over time in the same way as high THC contents did. In fact, barely any change was observed and the CBD levels stayed relatively constant over time.

Obviously, age may also have an impact on the flavor of your weed and its terpes. Luckily, for most of us this is mostly a non-issue I think. Because who will keep their weed for a months?

Yet, it may be of importance for our more prolific growers here at Now you know it: if you love your THC and grow copious amounts of ganja for yourself, this is where you want to keep it all.


Because the study was in Italy and Cannabiss is still scheduled in the country, the researchers had to work with cannabis confiscated by the local police force. The new EU directive which will allow (medical) research on marijuana can’t come quick enough.

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I actually already knew this. And if I have more than a qp at one time I do store it that way. But if it will be gone in a few weeks I just jar it and put it in a drawer.


Ah but this is different. This involved a valuable academic grant. Obviously, the results of this study will influence how future medical grade cancer treating marijuana will be stored in hospitals. :D


Will it ever actually make it to hospitals? Okay don't mean to be a Debbie Downer but sometime I get so frustrated with how slow legalization is happening I have a hard time believing access in hospitals will be granted through the hospital. That if you want it someone will have to bring it in from the outside, like happens today. But maybe one day....


Probably not as flowers. But research is still in its infancy, especially when it comes to all terpenes.

Who knows in what form will hospitals and their pharmacy labs be managing things in the future. I guess the most obvious answer is powder and their labs may create condition specific vape cartridges?

But until then, at least, there’s now peer reviewable research available for future research on flowers. And how to best store them.

I also wish things could go faster, and definitely that the stick of “psychosis” would be removed but we can’t deny that we live in an era of litigation and class action suits. I think that may also have changed the experimental side of medication. In the 80s stats below 5% were considered negligible, now that’s an actual error rate and one not allowed.


It is funny how our ancestors knew more about this plant than we do, thankfully some books still exist with those cannabis recipes in them. Though modern medicine discounts the ancient peoples medicine, we are here if it didn't work, we would have likely been wiped off the planet by now.
okay that rant is something else entirely, the run on thoughts you have after dabbing and interacting on smoke.....

I used to get from a guy that used to freeze his harvest and then I would get from him for myself frozen. :D

... Was always fresh and really dank, well cured and perfectly dried and would thaw out pretty quick once it had some breathing room.

With freezing 'no noticeable change in THC' after 3+ months as the studies show. Makes good sense to me. It certainly works for magic mushrooms in my experience - potency after freezing doesn't seem to deteriorate much (10-20% vs fresh ?), but with dry storing (bags or jars), most of the potency had gone by half a year (the year I got a big harvest but learnt the hard way).

Last season I only managed to find 6 shrooms, they are sitting in the freezer :).

Because who will keep weed for months?

That's it ha ha....might change when I'm able to grow again 🙄


You know that global warming thing is real when you can find only 6 shrooms in Scotland, right.


LOL and also when they start appearing around the festive season.

I do know someone who got a few tubfuls last year from his special place and I'm hopeful of a good 2019 season after 2 years of relative drought :)

Interesting, though Terpene Retention is Not Mentioned

Appreciate you posting this. :D I've kept my cannabis in cooler areas for decades for this reason. Though it's been more for terpene preservation than for THC. I flower at 70F and below for terpene preservation, due to the more volatile terpenes vaping off at around 70F. It makes sense to store your jars at a 70F or lower till they're empty. ;)

I'd like to see the results on the terpenes with freezing vs. chilling. The CBD results surprised me, and I find it very interesting it's more stable than the THC. :)

TIP to Help Preserve Your Terpenes!!

When you've flowered, harvested, trimmed, dried and cured your cannabis below 70F, you'll have a lot of terpenes to preserve.

Make sure you open your jars when they're below 70F! When they've been above 70F for a while, let them cool down so those terpenes are not in vapor form. This way they're not escaping into the air when you open your jar. :)


Going to take a wild stab here: no mention about terps because they didn’t know them — or didn’t have sufficient to test that — since confiscated product, obtained from the cops was used for the study.


Yep, good point.

It'll be interesting to see further studies on this. :D