Attorney General Nominee William Barr Will Respect State Level Marijuana Regulation

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In what is another great news in 2019 for the cannabis industry, Trump’s Attorney General nominee William Barr has said during his Senate confirmation hearing that he will not oppose state level regulation in favor of cannabis and no federal crackdown will be led by him if accepted for the role.

“To the extent people are complying with the state laws in distribution and production and so forth, we’re not going to go after that.”
William Barr, as per Washington Post

File photo via NYT

This is great because if Barr were to be confirmed, it removes the uncertainty — or opposition — under the Trump government and guarantees there will be no future federal interference with state regulation on either medical or recreational use.

More even Barr, who himself is not a supporter of marijuana legislation, expressed understanding the zeitgeist and even that there is a need for better federal regulation.

“We either should have a federal law that prohibits marijuana everywhere, which I would support myself. Because I think that it’s a mistake to back off on marijuana. However, if we [don’t] want a federal approach, if we want states to have their own laws, then let’s get there and let’s get there the right way”
William Barr, as per Yahoo News

This is generally both a positive and surprising evolution given Barr’s otherwise harsh on crime position, and especially his background as George H.W. Bush’s drug czar.

If confirmed, after the Jeff Sessions years, we could indeed see HR420 pass this year with ever-growing support and the positive zeitgeist.

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We either should have a federal law that prohibits marijuana everywhere

If not his sense, at least his logic is functioning.


“Marriage of convenience” statements. Playing both sides favorably at the same time. It’s clearly flipping season: first Kamala Harris, now William Barr.

Think there’s votes to be won by not being explicitly anti?


Yes, it feels that there are vote games being played.

Good news. States rights should trump the feds anyway.


That wasn’t always Sessions’ position. But this is indeed good news, rather unexpected news even.

So good to read such good news for 2019. We will really have full legalization by 2020.