Amazon Cannabis? Why Not Say Survey Participants

5 months ago

And no, that’s not cannabis from the Amazonian forest.

Market watch hawks recently surveyed over 1,000 Amazon — the once bookseller who knew better than you what’s the next book you want to read — customers and almost 30% said they wouldn’t mind ordering their flowers from the online mega mall with the fast fulfillment centers.


Of course, the idea does make sense. Not only is the online retailer — which once also sold books — known for producing its own branded version of some of the most popular smaller items, but the company led by Jeff Bezos also is a active acquirer of popular brands.

RING and Wholefoods being probably the most known recent acquisitions. Lest we forget Tony Hsieh’s Zappos. Amazon already has more than 100 brands in its portfolio.

What was more interesting in’s survey was that cannabis was among the top five products the participants expected to order from amazon some day in the not too distant future.

At this point it is highly doubtful that Bezos would enter the niche already, at least as long as marijuana is still scheduled in the USA. But once the richest man on Earth sets his eyes on something there will be only very little preventing him from acquiring some farms and distribution warehouses. Amazon logistics has everything, its own Boeing included to transport the product fast and efficiently across the country.

The alternative option is that cannabis merchants will join the Amazon marketplace and sell their wares also via the online marketplace. That both in a bid to ease logistics and further increase their reach.

In California statewide delivery has been approved already, but also for cultivators in Oregon this could provide a solution going forward.

Obviously, despite different states being several years ahead of the curve already, these are still early days and until we get sensible marijuana laws much of this is merely hypothetical because we can.

And because for platforms like such surveys justify the multiple posts about cannabis stocks day after day.

If ever would offer cannabis I’m sure you will have a different look at that Prime drone first time you see it.

Cannabis from Amazon would obviously redefine the meaning of “Delivering Happiness”, as coined by Zappos Founder Tony Hsieh.

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Maybe he will buy some of the Canadian Medical Cannabis growers like CannTrust.... and start with CBD.


CBD oils are the perfect product to enter the Amazon marketplace with and blaze the path. Can’t be long before they take over Amazon CA.


Yes....I would buy amazon CBD if it is from the small growers and good quality

I'm glad amazon hasn't taken off where I live. The independent E-commerce stores would get demolished.

Dunno.. I'd avoid the amazon marketplace & go with amazon stocked supply but there'd need to be big brands with hearty supply for it to work I think


Most Amazon acquisitions, and also own “rebranded” products, were based on analytics.

So it would probably require one of the “lifestyle” brands to join the marketplace first and create a splash. Which could make sense and even make logistics easier for them than operating an own warehouse for micro sales.

Bezos doesn’t do anything without data to back it up. If anything he’s more likely to watch a brand like Caliva and acquire them when they need to raise more or hit a plateau scaling. Similar to how they got RING basically.

I don’t see it happen as long as it’s scheduled though. Too much of a legal headache, what with Trump watching Amazon like a hawk. Despite amazon being one of the biggest suppliers for WH and the Hill. Amazon will also operate the purchasing portal for all agencies but that doesn’t halt the feud.


True re reselling, but at least that's a partial guarantee of quality from amazon themselves where as market sellers might have less quality. That said.. If millions of people could suddenly sell weed on amazon that would be CRAZY! Far bigger than silk road ever was, here's hoping haha!


Let’s make it happen on Smoke.

I know of at least two different ecomm concepts - both different audience - being discussed/initially planned already. Timing will matter but with low inflation scarcity is so to say integrated in this chain.