It's FRIDAY - Time to Puff & Pass with a Premium Blend

10 months ago

puff and pass.jpg

It's Friday y'all and it's time to call Craig and Smokey cause we ain't got shit to do!

Paying homage to this 1995 Stoner Classic I put together a "Mixtape" a couple of years ago (still gets rinse in my car to this day) to enjoy some Hip Hop stoner tracks. Yes, this is a Hip Hop blend bringing together some of my favorites along with some hidden gems.

It's all about listening to dope music when you're getting HIGH. Enjoy!

One Love

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Someone should make a study about music and getting high, I am sure there's a certain frequency range and tempo that just clicks with the weed


30 hertz ;)


I would also note that each persons reaction to THC can produce a variety of moods thus it might be quite a wide range of (solfeggio) frequencies and tempos that could work. Would be a cool experiment though.. it might also depend on the strains as well!


Let's get to "work" :P