'Smoking Songs' 13 Depraved Tracks of Reefer Madness by Exit 13 is an Album for the Ages

2 years ago


An interesting musical note in the cannabis subculture is the band Exit 13 and their album 'Smoking Songs'

Normally a Metal band, they decided to take a detour into old timey prohibition and smoke related songs for 'Smoking Songs'

Here's an example of what they sound like during their normal genre so you can get a base level for their style:

Heavy, Metal, etc.

And then here's one of my favorite tracks from 'Smoking Songs' - 'When I get Low I get High' featuring Bliss Blood.
Chill, old timey, etc.

I find this juxtaposition of musical style to be hilarious in itself, a fairly heavy metal band saying "Fuck it, we're doing a 1920's styled album about weed!"

"Light Up!" Is the opening track. Some of the best lyrics of all time, such as, "Fuck Pigs" @1:54 time mark.
The entire album is light hearted and fun. Perfect songs to smoke to occasionally.

The track 'Willie the Record Releaser,' is one that makes in onto my mix-cds as well. I'm not sure if 'Hempcake' is racist or not...He's doing a raspy voice, is that similar to doing blackface for music?

Here's the Youtube playlist of the entire album for you to enjoy, https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPNVHzTmD2vz2ndzQI3NmJjoWl4XagTCL I highly recommend giving it a listen through to see if anything strikes a chord with you as it did with me.
If you do find something you like on there, what's your song?

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