Music and Smoky Thoughts - That Moment When You Fall Asleep

7 months ago


Today from the same artist I want to share with you the track "relapse", it's a different than yesterday's track. It's a hip hop rap song. The beat is awesome, Enluv is really really talented. I am going to keep going through his/her tracks.

Falling Asleep

We all had that moment when we all asleep and missed something fun. One time I was enthusiastic about this party, and I had waited for a month to go. But unfortunately at that day I had to work all day, and when I came home I was too tired. I decided to take a power nap, and yes you can guess it. Slept through the WHOLE night.

Next day I saw pictures, and heard crazy stories what happened that night. I never felt so bad for sleeping!

What was your falling asleep moment?

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I remember having some sessions and getting so smashed I slept like I was in a coma for basically the whole weekend, Lol. Bong on bro. :-)



lol lol lol :D You had to feel so bad :(

I know when I made a bong in high school and it got us destroyed. I went home, fell asleep and my mother tried to wake me 2 times. She even slapped me a bit. But, I was like a dead body haha literally sleeping xD


great joint from enluv, music and weed bromance...
so many times i settled into my couch to catch up with a live match or event only to wake up after event is over