Music and Smoky Thoughts - Procastination

7 months ago


Today found a chill track with a nice female lead voice. This track is very drifty, a good song to listen during the day.

Enjoy guys!


One of our biggest enemy which everyone has done before. You have a task to finish, but you tell yourself: "Nah, I will do this tomorrow". Today I was thinking about a trick that might help us not to procrastinate. When we procrastinate we think that we will have enough time to do a task at a later time. We decide to utilize the time we have now for our pleassure. While in the end we know that we probably will need more time to the task we intended to.

I think we think about that if we don't do the task today, we will waste time. We are throwing away precious time that we might need tomorrow to do something else. The time we waste we can never get back, so it's better to do the task now.

What do you do to prevent yourself from procrastinating?

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Sometimes procrastinating can have positive results too. I have had instances in my life where postponing things have worked out to be a better result or not getting around to doing something has saved me a loss. But a lot of time procrastinating has seen bad results too, I think a good way to prevent it is to write a to do list. Thanks mate and bong on bro. :-)

i have procrastinated and escaped a fatal accident before and lost out on good deals too as a startup businessman, but on the long run i think it does more damage than good.