Music and Smoky Thoughts - Let This Track Take You to Another World!

7 months ago


Good lord this track took me to another dimension when I heard it for the first time today. "Oleg Byonic - Inner Self" is perfect for when you want to zone out or are high. Its ambient vibe is amazing! Especially at 7:00 it blasts off. Have a listen guys!


Inner Self

How often do you take a moment and meditate or do some other forms of spirituality? When I was young I never understood this form of relaxation or self journey. As I grew older I kept seeing this more and more. Now I am convinced that meditation or something similar is very much needed in our lives to bring us relaxation and relieve us from stress. It's also a good way to get to know ourselves better.

I am not avid practioner of relaxation techniques, but I do meditate each day for about 30 minutes with a technique I learned from a friend. It helps me to clear my mind and start off my day better.

Do you meditate,yoga or anything similar? And Why?

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Unfortunately, I don't meditate but I would love to start doing it. But, I managed to develop my own ''meditation'' because I think and feel a lot and when you combine those two activities, it can get you to a lot of places. Especially if you remove boundaries like I love to do :D So, it will lead you to your inner self and it will spread you out through space and time :)

Hopefully, one day I will start to meditate because I really want to feel what it feels like :D


You should try it sometimes yeah :)


I will for sure. I just need to find time and start.

I have never tried it although I do take time during the day to sit back roll one up and enjoy the solitude, I think that getting more in touch with yourself like this would be great, I think that it could really help me out a lot. Thanks for sharing and I'm sending good vibes your way SMOKE ON!!!


Hehe thanks for the vibes!

I had a couple of friends years ago who would meditate. l remember they would tell me how it would effect their lives and thinking, and you know what I discovered. smoking cannabis yields similar results, So in a way you are already meditating my friend, Lol, bong on bro. :-)


Hahah lol