Music and Smoky Thoughts - A New Chapter

7 months ago


For today's track we got an up tempo track. The song has a nice feeling to it. I would put this one up while traveling. The creator calls it "wathing the sun go down with you". I can imagine putting one up while driving along the beach and seeing the sun going down.

A New Chapter

There are moment in our lives when we know we will start with a new experience. A new chapter in our lives. That moment is often filled with excitement and also uncertainty. Sometimes it becomes too much that we can't handle it. But to me when you experience this a lot you know you are getting out of your confort zone. And most of the times I think we will find ourselves in a better place.

Can you remember such a moment? When was it and how did it go?

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It's been so long since I've had any bad dramas in my life that I don't really know. I think the last time I had a major crisis was when my father in-law slowly passed away over a period of a few years. It was pretty traumatic for the whole family, but that was over 10 years ago now. Thanks mate, bong on bro. :-)

Well, this happened recently to us. As we moved from Canada to States for work and there was lot of changes that happened in personal life. We might have not opted for this, but as you mentioned to achieve something you need to get out of your comfort zone and when you do that something may go in your favor and some would go against. Now major trouble is the state in which we stay it’s illegal to use Marijuana 😔 so it’s harder to get compared to Canada.

Btw that’s a nice track to listen to while driving 👌 reminds me of good memories


Oh wow big move! And just when Canada legalized :(. I wish you the best with your new work @bgw.

Thanks for sharing!


Yeah. But not a permanent move, we plan to move back to Canada by 2020 and if possible one of us l(me or my husband) would quit the job and work full time on We love Canada and cant stay away for long 😊


Haha back to the weed heaven!

I'm currently there.

Broke my leg 10 days ago and I have to go to surgery in 3 hours. I never got injured this bad but after this I will have to learn to walk again and bring back strength in my leg. It will be crazy though but this is my new chapter and I will come stronger from it.

I'm totally out of my comfort zone but it's the thing that I like because it will make me better and stronger.

Peace out, Smoke on!


Ouch mate, get well soon!


Thanks man. Everything went well, now it is time to get well