Music and Smoky Thoughts

7 months ago


Today we got an upbeat chill hop track. I like that we hear sound of water in the background. It makes this track feel perfect to play while we are on the go. I like the kind of tracks in which they mix nature, good stuff.

Have a listen:

New Game

I just bought a new boardgame. I'm going to try this out with my family. What I like about boardgames is that how fun these can be and also how uniting a game can be. Being face to face with people and competing friendly can do some magic.

What are your favourite boardgames?

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By far my favourite board game would have to be chess, second checkers and then third would probably be Monopoly. It's not a board game but it's still face to face would be card games, they are one of my favourites. Thanks mate and Bong on bro. :-)


Monopoly is one of my favourties to play with friends and family :)

Thanks for coming by as always!