Microdosing Cannabis Guide - The Benefits Without Being Bouldered

10 months ago

Doctors nowadays, advocate for less consumption as opposed to more.

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This tactic is called microdosing.

Patients are being advised to take small portions of cannabis to benefit from the medical value of this plant according to this study.

If you want to try microdosing cannabis, you have landed at the right place as this guide is going to break down all the details for you.

What is microdosing cannabis?

Most people relate this plant to euphoria, but in the medical world, cannabis is much more than a substance to get you high.

Many people are using marijuana without getting any impairment. How?

That is where microdosing comes in. It simply involves taking a small percentage of cannabis throughout the day depending on how cannabis affects you. Microdose cannabis can be used as a supplement to our bodies natural occuring endocannabinoid system.

What is Microdosing Good For?

Microdosing has very many benefits, for instance, it helps ease conditions like inflammation and pain.

Microdosing helps our system to get the right amount of marijuana it needs and therefore enjoy the medicinal properties of the plant. Research also shows that microdosed cannabis can help in improving overall mood and lessens depression as well as anxiety. And lastly, microdosing limits the negative side effects that are psychoactive, of marijuana.

How much is a Micro Dose?

The truth is that it depends. Some people may start feeling high even when the THC levels are low while others may not.

This variance is brought about by the difference in metabolism, genetics of cannabinoid receptors and the previous usage among others. Microdosing is personal, and each patient is different. For this reason, you should keep experimenting until you find the correct dosage for you.

For first time microdosers, you should start with 2.5 milligrams and increase the amount from there depending on how you will feel. Alternatively it is reasonable to start with 10% of your usual consumption.

How to Microdose Cannabis?

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There are various methods for microdosing cannabis. Some may be more effective than others.

Nevertheless, here are the most common ways of microdosing marijuana are:

  • Edibles/Tinctures | Most experts recommend using tinctures or edibles to give you the exact amount. But when it comes to edibles, you should be very cautious because untested edibles may not deliver a low dosage of cannabis and often have misleading packaging.

  • Vaping | Just like the name suggests, cannabis is taken in vaporized form. There are vaporizers designed to do the job. And most people prefer vaping because it is easy to gauge the amount which has been inhaled. If you are beginner, you should start by taking one puff and gradually add more puffs. The only disadvantage of this method is that accuracy is not guaranteed.

  • Combustion | You could also try microdosing cannabis through smoking. But make sure that you know how much THC is in your weed first. This method is efficient, but it is a bit tricky as it is difficult to control the dosage. Experts advise that you start with one puff, wait for a few minutes to determine how you feel, and then you can take another puff.

Microdosing cannabis has helped in treating the symptons associated with conditions like arthritis, migraines, sleeping disorders, HIV/AIDS to name but a few. If it's something that you would like to try, make sure that you determine the correct amount of cannabis for your body by taking small amounts until you figure the right dose for you.

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Micro-dosing? I like the sound of this method
Maybe some people are turned off by cannabis because they are consuming more than they need and this is causing some ill-effects. But with microdosing this could be remedied.

I know the first time I consumed earlier this year... my nausea (one of the reasons I needed to partake cannabis) was amplified for a short time, but once I settled into the feeling, the nausea dissipated... so to me, if I had microdosed that initial time, I could have avoided the additional nausea.

Microdosing has very many benefits, for instance, it helps ease conditions like inflammation and pain.

For this, we always use y homemade cannabis salve- does the trick of easing pain and inflammation every time.

I guess i'm getting to know the whole microdosing thing for the first time...

I believe it is really essential so as to consume only the required amount needed...

Micro dosing is pretty cool. This is quite interesting, I've always been an advocate of know-your-limit-and-stick-with-it.... moderation should always be the watchword as too much of everything is dangerous.

But the challenge with micro-dosing is that you just have to get high the first time to know your limit!

I'm not one to microdose... Quite the opposite, in fact. ;)

I do, however, find it interesting that it's a thing, as it makes perfect sense.
Sometimes the best/most efficient or cost-effective way to make something work ideally is to slowly add more and more of whatever it is until you get where you'd like to be, like you said (in other words, but more or less. lol).

What piques my curiosity the most and leaves me pondering is.. Is it more beneficial to microdose as opposed to just flat out smoking bud to your heart's content? Like with wine/alcohol? Now obviously I'm not saying they're anything similar, but in the aspect of the, "In moderation, a glass a day, wine is actually beneficial to your health." circumstance.

Alcohol is obviously bad for you in excess, but cannabis does not seem to be as far as anyone can really tell, with the minimal "exceptions to the rule" being.. well.. themselves. lol. Again though, my questions are: Does microdosing cannabis affect the system drastically differently than just consuming it; Is it more beneficial to your body/mind/etc to microdose? I would like to think there's been tests done and hypotheses formed around that concept.. but I've not been able to find any definitive studies done by any (what I consider) reputable sources. Sometimes substances/chemical compounds being introduced in larger and larger quantities can make the reception of said substance less and less. I'm wondering if that's the case here or if it's equally beneficial to microdose as it is to, I guess, "dose."

Would love to hear your feedback! :)

Peace and Love.

I absolutely agree with the concept of microdosing. This has gone to confirm the assumption that "too much of everything is not good".

I believe that microdosing is the best way to get the fullness of the goodness in cannabis.

Thanks for sharing buddy; and smoke on.

Resmoked for added visibility

man i really love microdosing early in the morning and having some black tea. It really gives my day quite a boost. I usually administer my microdoses via a tincture into my tea everyday.

The tea is usually a mix of Earl grey and dried Fan leaves from my plants. makes an interesting blend indeed!

I love micro baby ! Good post my friend. =)

heard of micro-dosing LSD, but never heard of doing it with THC
I guess it's good for people that are not used to the effects.
I prefer to get blitzed :)

My micro-dose is a handful of edibles or whatever I can smoke

believe that microdosing is the best way to get the fullness of the goodness in cannabis.

I like to micro dose with tintures and paste as other wise one toke always leads to another and you have to finish the whole thing then if its to much you end up smoking another hoping to level out so yeh microdose is very helpfull especially for the morning when you have things to do all day.

Great guide thanks for sharing think i'll have a lil dose now been a long day and can chill now :)


Plus something I came across in the 90s that has stuck with me is less is more and usually is for me try it out sometime take the smallest amount you can manage without feeling like a crazy haha and enjoy the buzz and effects works for me and also saves you alot of money ;)