An exciting gesture: A young man planted cannabis on the grave of his brother who was supported legalization

2 years ago

Jamie Hayes: A resident of Ireland whose brother died in an accident buried Cannabis seed on his grave in his memory. The seed became an impressive and rich cannabis plant. He published the story on Facebook and won thousands of likes and comments.

Ryan McAllister , a 22-year-old from Dublin, Ireland, planted Cannabis seed on the grave of his brother, Jamie, 28, who passed away.A few months later, the small seed became a flower-rich Cannabis plant, nicknamed "Jamie Hayes.""I thought nothing would come of it because it was just a random seed I found, but it grew into a cannabis plant," he wrote. 

 The story was published by Ryan on Facebook and immediately won thousands of licks and encouraging reactions, including many marveling at how no one stole the green produce."We were afraid it might happen, but I live five minutes away so we watched over it," he said.

After three and a half months in which he grew up unhindered, Ryan yesterday uprooted the plant planted on June 5, 28.9. "The plant has not yet undergone enough drying and aging, so we have not tasted it yet," he elaborated.In a conversation with the magazine Ryan says that his older brother Jamie was killed in an unfortunate fishing accident last year (26.6.17). "He went fishing with our uncle, and the boat on it was overturned. Jamie was trapped under water and the next day his body was found. " 

 Searches for the body of Jamie McAllister (Photo: Alan Betson, Irish Times)

 "Jamie was born in Amsterdam and always appreciated the attitude of the city to the subject of cannabis and its legality," Ryan said of his brother and his attitude toward Cannabis. We used to smoke cannabis together every day even though it is illegal in Ireland. It was just a substitute for beer. "Among the many reactions to the story were those reminiscent of the movie "How High," in which the star mixes the ashes of his friend's body with the soil mixture of the cannabis plant and, after smoking the flowers, hallucinates his friend talking to him through the clouds of smoke.Other reactions expressed interest in the fact that even when they die, a cannabis plant will be planted on their grave. 

 Ryan with the plant

Only one of the hundreds of responses expressed skepticism about the story when one of the respondents claimed that it seemed to him that it was a forgery. "Show us the other side of the grave so that we know that not just laying a cannabis plant on the grave," he wrote.In response Ryan published another angle of the image, as well as a picture in which the plant can be seen even in the early stages of its growth. 

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Amazing story. I can't believe that plant was left undisturbed. The caretakers must be cool af.

Interesting, have your own opinion or are you just a copy paster?

😂. This sounds crazy tho but it's really a great article!!