Meme: The dangers of marijuana...

8 months ago

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That is a cheesuburguer i would love to eat!


Care to share it with me?

ahaha, always hungry after getting baked...


Me too :)

A pizza with Anchovies is the real dangers of marijuana, It happened on night when I first was on my own. A co-worker and I got so stoned we order a pizza with every thing including Anchovies the only thing that wasn't on it was onions as I am allergic. I don't like anchovies but that pizza was so damn good.


After getting baked, every type of food goes, haha...i'm also not a big fan of anchovies but i guess i would also eat them in that situation!


To this day I never had the munchies like I did that night. Oh wait there was this one time I ate a block of cream cheese like it was a candy bar I was about the same age. That might have been even a weirder choice. LMAO

Trueee!! :)))



This is not worth 32 smoke. man we need to get some guide lines on what spam is