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Here you can see my entry into the smokespot contest. This is the park I usually smoke in when I go to work. Since I leave my place very early.
A time where most people are slumbering deep, I am putting on my headphones and going to work. On the way to my workplace is a very popular and beautiful park. It's closed off from almost all sides and there is not much light in it. It's a perfect 5 min walk from the tunnel to a small bridge on the other side. I heard that it's a high risk area for this town. That a lot of people are cought there. But I still do it because I don't sit around or stand hiding somewhere in the bushes of the park with a fat cannon in my hand. I roll a small cigarette sized jiffy and smoke while walking trough the park like a cigarette. Since it is early before sunrise. Somewhere around 4 till 5 am and there are perhaps 1 or 2 bikes that go by me. So the time is either a blindspot or they don't touch me because I don't smoke big fat cannons in the open, I walk just by and smoke on the walk and at the time where most people are still deep in slumber. I also don't make a lot of noise so I am a pretty quiet person.

What is an Smokespot? Or as I recently found out some call Dankspot. A smokespot is a spot in the Neverending cosmos that is used primarily by people who smoke cannabis to smoke cannabis. In the general sense it's a hidden spot from the public eye where a stoner can relax and smoke one up. But not all smokespots are hidden from the public eye. Some people like to smoke in places too public for most of the Canna Tribe. Because most often those places are located in high risk areas where people are likely to encounter wild and bloodthirsty Flyhogs. So my question is why do some people seek out those high risk spots. Is it because they are brave? Probably. Is it because they are adrenaline junkys? Most likely. Isnit because they just don't care? Definetly. Is it because they are stupid? Most definetly. I have observed that there are cases where people who don't seek out public smokespots would find themselves in public smokespots but don't really feel comfortable completly there but will accept the doobie. But will never offer to roll one himself et those places. Then there are people who sometimes give some cate to it and sit somewhere thinking it might be safe place. Sometimes it is, se times it isn't. But most of the time if it's for a quick doobie it is a safe place. Then there are people who intentionally seek out high risk places for sole adrenalin rush of perhaps getting cought. Those people I do not get. Don't smoke in public places. Most people at that end of the spectrum have no respect. Even in places where it is legal to smoke cannabis recreationaly you can get fined for smoking in public places. Like you can for drinking already everywhere. But sometimes the most obviousl spot is the best and most used. I remember back in my hometown there are ruin ramains of an old city fortress that uses to stand there. In those ruins there is a basketball and soccer field. We would sit there most weekends. Hanging, listening to music, celebrating birthdays, drinking and smoking. The best part is that it's near the border between my country and our neighbor. The spot is located 200m away from the bridge that connects the two countries over the river. But it's one of the best spots we ever had. But why was it so normal for us to be loud and smoke cannabis in a place so close to the Flyhogs. We never had trouble at that location. At least there never was when I was there. But it's a small town. I would have heard if people got into trouble there. Since it is close to my childhood home. Is it because we are used to being there? Kind of blending into the surrounding and the existence of that spot as a whole. It was a sports field so seeing kids our age there was no unusual sight. But why is it different in places. Like a different city for example. Even if the spot is more hidden then the Smokespot fro myour hometown you still feel a bit insecure about it. Is it because it's not your "territory". Not your spot.

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Great smoke spot.. I normally hit the beach in the mornings or late afternoons and then just smoke at home in my garden during the day and late nights.


Thank you. ✌️ Wow that place is really beautiful. I have a spot near a lake. But now it's too cold for that spot.


Happy Smoking / so nice view.
Sorry for small upvote / I like to enjoy my slider !

Great entry for the contest. Thanks.
Tunnel looks a bit scary in the night, doesn't it?


Yeah it does. But I enjoy sometimes those kinds of Smoke spots the most.

I really enjoyed reading and the fact that you randomly linked to chaos magick! Intriguing post!


Thank you. Yes I am interested in Chaos Magick and work my life with it.


same! <3

Smoking very early in the morning with headphone.. Wow!! Guess i should give it a try, looks awesome.


Yes. Going trough the darkness of the night with my favorite music playing and a jiff in my hand. It's a marvelous feeling.

Another awesome post! My smokespot is anywhere i see a bush just someone far from those police without peace.


Hehehe I know what you mean exacly. I can't wait for the warmer times to come to visit my nature smokespots again.