Puzzle Day

4 months ago

-Greetings from the fractal space-


-I hope you are having a smokey day-

First of, I have to apologize for posting this late. Some time ago I won a Smoke.io puzzle on one of the regular freebie contests that @tecnosgirl hosts. So thank you once more tecnosgirl. Cool stuff.


My personal life has been very busy lately so it took me a while to set aside time to do the puzzle and create the post. I started around 12:30 and finished around 20:15. So almost 8 hours. My one roommate joined in after around 4 hours to give me a hand and my second roommate for the last half hour when he returned from work. It was a fun time. Even if a bit frustrating when I would get stuck and unable to find some pieces. What made this puzzle fun was that we 3 joined up to solve it and what made it an interesting and hard set to put together was it's similar bright and dark colors that made the 252 pieces similar and hard to distinguish. But that's the point and intention of a puzzle. Wouldn't be interesting if it was easy.



The first thing I put together was the slogan. Smoke. Get Paid. Repeat. That was an obvious choice for the beginning.


Then I started working myself up to the joint. I had already finished mine so I wanted to try this one. Logical. Right?


Made a detour to finish the logo and name before the joint


There he is. Around this time my first roommate joined in on the puzzle. It became harder the more diversity of colors on the puzzle came.


This took a while. The colors are similar but diverse. This was the most challenging part for us. But we did manage to put it together.


And finally done. For this part my third roommate joined in when he came back from work. We finally got it done. I have to say it was a difficult but fun puzzle to put together. I didn't want to remove it from the table for 3 days. Took us 8 hours to finish this puppy.

I rolled another one to celebrate but I...ehhh forgot to take a photo. Again. Yeah. Thanks for reading. Peace ✌️

#puzzle #smoke #smoking #cryptosmokers

-----------The End-----------


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I did not know you won it, congratulations bro!
Now put it in glass and on wall!


Thanks. I do have such plans but ai had to put it apart. So the next time I put it together.

Look great, I like it.


Thanks ✌️

I use glue to keep puzzles together once I have done them and then if I really like them I frame them and hang them like art. (I don't currently have any on the wall, as after a while I tent to donate them)


That's what I will probably do the next time.