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8 months ago

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Cannabis has been a part of my life since I was 17. The first jiff I ever smoked was on my 17th birthday. That makes it almost 8 years since I started smoking. I never thought that my passion for cannabis would one day bring me to a place like this. Coming from a place where police were pretty violent and aggressive towards smokers and any kind of cannabis related thing, we had to be careful what we post on social media or send by messanger. One of the most disgusting times in my life were 2 months, in which I got stopped and searched over 12 or 13 times by the police simply for being a familiar face to them among the street kids. It got to a point where they even involved a friend and his gf. They started scaring them, mentioning my name. Asking if I sold them cannabis, or if my brother sold them. As mentioned previously our names and faces were a bit popular among them. Now it's different. Becoming a part of a community like this has opened my eyes to a lot of things and introduced me to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

How did this journey begin? On the toilet.

It all begun on a beautiful day last year. If I rember correctly it was the middle of the 10th months last year when I first got to hear about this wonderful place. A place full of cannabis enthusiasts and lovers. Most of you probably are aware that I'm the spawn that popped up after the one known as @psyceratopsb. My older brother, who had been smoking for way longer then I have and was already a member here. When he and his wife were on their way to our homeland for vacation, they came to visit us here first. We had just moved into the new apartment and had no furniture, so we had to smoke in the bathroom. As we were smoking, my brother asked me if I had ever heard about Smoke or Streem. I had not heard about their one of them. Untill then I had not even heard about blockchain technology. As he started to tell me about all those things, my attention went the most to this "decentralized site dedicated to cannabis, where I could freely post and talk about cannabis without the fear of the blue boys".

It all honestly sounded too good to be true. A site where I can freely talk about cannabis without the fear of a bust or block? It had to be too good to be true. So my fear actually held me back for a whole month before I finally created an account and started my journey on this site.

The first thing that got me to actually sign up was the fact that my brother told me it was possible to actually earn by posting and commenting here. Or as it's called curating, I belive? Correct me if I'm wrong. Basically, getting paid for cannabis and not having to be a black market sellsman? It was kind of hard to imagine how that functions. I have never been a tech person so I wasn't familiar with how Cryptocurrency actually works. But I regret to this day to have not signed up sooner here. To have wasted a whole month of not being a member. What a waste of a perfectly good month.

Why did I join? For a few reasons.

The reason I joined was probably similar to many members on this site. I felt like an outcast among people who were not this enthusiastic about cannabis as I was. I did and still do have friends that smoke and love the plant, but rearly do I meet someone who loves the plant for its potential. Not just the psychoactive effect. Second reason was the fear of a bust by partaking in cannabis oriented conversations on regular sites like Dumbook and Instaslut. Sites that give no freedom whatsoever to its members. They block, delete or censor what they don't like or what other people pay them or pressure them into doing. After 8 years of smoking I came to respect cannabis more then just a relaxant. I saw it as a helping tool that could bring revolution and prosperity to our world and the people living here. I saw the potential this plant holds in its whole being. From biodegradable plastic, bio oil for cars, near indestructible clothes and many more. On Smoke I don't have those problems. No censorship, no block, no deleting, real rewards for my content and efforts. Not to mention the wonderful and enthusiastic people and no trolls. On Smoke I feel more at home then I did sometimes at my own city or country in the past. One of the main reasons I joined was for the curation. I won't lie. Money is currently a big topic in my life as I am trying to succeed in my business and one day have a company of my own. I don't want to be someone's worker pawn all my life. Finding out that there was a way to earn with my smoking was like a dream come true. When I joined I was an every day poster. I would try to create content every single day. Forcing it. But after a while I had my eyes opened to the fact that I spend too much time on that and not enough engament and that I was neglecting my other hobbies. So I had to slow down. Now I take a few days to write a post and engage in the comment section more.

What I would like to get out of Smoke? A few things.

First of is aqueintances. I wish to meet new people and find friends. I have plans to travel the world one day and I want to meet and befriend lots of people. To listen to stories and experience of other people. To absorb wisdom and knowledge. To learn new things and new lessons. Basically to broaden my horizon. To have someone to call for a smoke when I travel. To have people to hang out anywhere I go. To create connections for my future business plans is also important. For instance I have my tie dye (which I still haven't gotten around to post), to create a real business out of it. I love tie dye. It is something I love doing and had fallen in love with since my childhood days, when I would watch my brother dip jeans into buckets of colors. You could say that my love for it started then exacly, but it manifested years later when I finally had funds and knowledge to actually do something like that. But it's not the only plan I am hatching. There are many more in the works and planning stages.

Another reason is definetly money and future funds. The reason is similar to the previous one. I have plans and I will need funds in the future. As I am not a crypto expert, I am not educated enough on that topic and the ways people earn money with crypto. But Smoke is different. To me atleast. I can see the future prospects and potentials that this site has. And the opportunity it presents to us cannabis enthusiasts. As the world cannabis revolution is slowly starting to bear fruit, this site will only continue to grow and expand. Bringing more people and businessman here.

One more reason would be to expand my knowledge about cannabis and the related topics. As I trust the creators I follow that their words speak truth and that they do detailed research in their content, a lot of things can be learned here. Ones knowledge and wisdom can be greatly expanded if one is ready to read, listen and learn. This place is packed with all kinds of cannabis knowledge, news, strain info etc... It's full of people who are full of new things and knowledge that I wish to learn and adapt for my own growth as an individual.

What I'm smoking you ask? I don't know.

What I'm smoking right now is an unknow strain that I have no idea about and have a hard time pinpointing the effects. They seem pretty balanced out. Since I don't feel any specifically oriented lock or euphoria. It seems to be pretty balanced out for a nice day of enjoying life and being proactive or semi-active in my activities. One can also lay back and lock yourself if that's what you want from it. I prefer to be outside in the sun. Basking in all its glory.

As you can see the papers are pink. Yes pink. First time for me to see papers like that. My best friend and and his girlfriend bought them for me as I love different kinds of papers and to try them out. This is a limited edition Gizeh papers that are aperently sold only for a short time as I can't seem to find them anyhwere anymore. Gizeh are my second favorite paper brands after Barney's Farm. Which I got to use only once, and I can't seem to find them here. I'll probably have to order them online. The pink gizeh are pretty nice and make for a pretty pink joint. I feel like quite the fabulous lad smoking with these papers. The only problem in my opinion is that they are a bit to thick and burn kind of fast, compared to the regular Gizeh I generally use.

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Good luck!!! Glad to see you entered, a stoners dream prize here!!! All hail queen @tecnosgirl 😃


Thank you 👐 Long live the queen.

No time to explain lol just do it, do it, do it. That pic looking out the window is dope. I'm not going to say what hygiene product that king size slim pink spliff reminds me of :) I'm sure it smokes like the rest of them, i'll have to look up Barney's Farm papers.


Thanks. Please don't say it hahaha I still have some left to use haha


I hmthink they sell them in America. I bought my barney's on the Berlin cannabis expo last year. They were pure hemp and burned like a king.

Ah, milenials 🤣
Nice entry and good luck!


Thank you. To you too. Aren't nillenials after the 2000?


Yeah, but .you are close and not that much different in fit in more with them then our "post war" generation.


What kind of mentality would that be? Aren't millenials generally the tech and social media are my life generation?


Aren't you? Tech and social media?


I am but so are you hahaha I do use technology butni don't understand most of the inner workings. I don't deny that I have millennium characteristics. But I like to look at myself as a healthy balance between the two. I'm an Indigo child. ✌️ That's something even the doctor told our father. He told me himself