Keeping Busy

11 months ago

-Greetings from the fractal space-


-I hope you are having a smokey day-

I have been very best these last few days. Getting a lot of work done before my vacation starts. I will be going for a few days back home and then flying to Ireland to visit my brother @psyceratopsb. So my goal to travel the world will go one step forward. Something I adore a lot. To visit new places and see with my own eyes how that part of the world looks and feels. Back to business. My tie dye has been going quite well. Not to forget mentioning that I have taken up a new hobbie. Accessories. Going to start with bracelets and hopefully work myself to something bigger.

Tie dye has been going great as always. Been busy with making a few shirts for a few friend. The two black-white ones are for a friend who is a DJ. You can check him out here

My aim is to start making a few rasta bracelets and then attempt to make the Smoke logo again for a some more rasta bracelets. It has still been difficult to cut out the fine details on the logo. Despite it being a simple design the precision work is still a little bit above my skills.

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Existence Observer

My brother. Check him out.
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Hey! @zuculuz!!! I’m glad to see you are sticking to your new hobbies. I came across your tye dye work in TWITTER the other day. Very cool 😎.

I just dropped my sister off and she is flying to live in Dublin for a few months! I’m so envious of her. I will visit one day!


Thank you. Glad you like them. I'm still learning a lot of the curves but I think it's coming together very nicely.


Is all about the curves 👏

Hello..those are awesome tiedyes. I like crafting and good ones too but I like your spiral designs better than mine. I hope you can show the details here. I'd love to teach this kind of art to our less fortunate sisters. Perhaps they can use empty flour sacks to start with.