High, how are you?

7 months ago

-Greetings from the fractal space-


-I hope you are having a smokey day-

Some of you havs probably noticed that I have been absent from Smoke lately. It has been hard to take time to write and read posts these last few weeks. But that doesn't mean I have been lazy. On the contrary. This last 10th month has been one of the busiest in this year, but also one of the best as well. I have been in full speed tieing and dyeing.

Currently I'm on track to creating around 40 t-shirts for a friend of mine. This is currently the biggest amount of t-shirts I have ever made. Surpassing anything I have ever had to make till now. At first it seemed overwhelming. I was lost for words when I was finally able to make a first deal with someone. But the production is going quite well and is on good track.



This friend of mine is an electronic music DJ back home in Croatia. One of the finest I have ever heard, with a massive amount of talent and ambition. I'm not saying that only as his friend. His talent in mixing and creating techno and trance music is beyond limits. If you like/love psy/goa/trance or tecno music you will definetly appreciate some of his pieces. He goes by a few names. Depending on the type of music.

To sum it up. Life is keeping me busy, but I will try to get back to regular smoke activity and presence. Even if I don't have somcuch time to put together large quality posts. Perhaps try to keep you guys updated on the progress of the shirts. By next year I hope to start making Smoke themed shirts as well.

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Chaos Magick

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Existence Observer

My brother. Check him out.

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My man Zuzuluz....been a while I have missed both you and your post! Love the image of you reading on a magic Mushroom.

A true master and chaos magician.

Love your tie shirt it has this psychedelic art to it.

Smoke on buddy!


Thank you my friend. I try my best and I try to practice my magick as much as possible.

You are the master of batik shirts! I love the colorful T shirts you design in rainbow colors... keep doing it and wish you the best in your business.


Thank you for the compliment. I still have a lot to learn about Batik. But I'm getting there.

Instead of...

High, how are you?

It should be...
How high are you?

Lovin' the purple and yellow tie-dye!


I wanted that at first but it kind of didn't fit into the post. Thank you.

your mate makes some great tunes btw! :D


Thabk you. I'll let him now.


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