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7 months ago

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Today I got to send out my first tie dye package. And not just anywhere. But the land of goatrance, hippies and 4000 gods. That's right. It's India. Few years back I met a girl online and we hit it off. Having similar opinions, thoughts and wishes from life. We knew it would never work out between us being from 2 sides of the world but we still stayd in contact constantly to support each other trough tough times. The reason why I mention this is because soon her birthday is coming up so I made her a birthday package that I send by post. Since the Snail Mail takes too long. Inside the package were three hand made tie dyes items and a birthday card.


The first item is a black shirt made with bleach and blood. Ok, not blood but with health definitely. The Bleach got into my head and made me dizzy and put me in a high-like state. I should probably get myself a mask so that I don't go KO at the work space.



Second one is a spiraled tie dye shirt with a beautiful combination of red, yellow and green if I may say so myself. The colors were picked by my friend.



As a little bonus surprise I added this as well, as I wanted her to have my first fully successful walltapestry.



And at the end comes the birthday card I wrote with a lot of passion and imagination. I won't show what's written and how as it's only for her eyes. Atleast right now. I want her to be the first one to read it as it is ment for her.

To make sure it arrives or atleast there is some backup in case something happens to the package I had it secured in case it goes missing or something happens to it. Not exacly cheap 50 something bucks. But if something does happen to the package I get 500 bucks as compensation. I don't plan to do that every time I send out a package but this one was very important and I had to take extra measures to ensure it arrives where it should arrive in the same state I give it at the post.

From the three tie dye items packed up the bleached shirt and walltapestry are a complete surprise. I had to ask for the adress after all so she knows about the dyed one.

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I hope it reaches soon to that special person but i am just a bit anxious to know why MADE IN BANGLADESH is written on those shirts.


Thank you. Because the white shirts are made there. I color them. I don't make the shirts from scratch.


I see :)