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9 months ago

-Greetings from the fractal space-


-I hope you are having a smokey day-

Well, this was expected and unexpected at the same time. In my previous post I made a little contest for my extanded smoke family. I did expect it to be solved quickly. But I did not expect it to be solved in one hour. Congratulations to @jessica for guessing the user correctly and swiftly.

The Smoke has been transferred to your account.


Now, to the main part of this post. As stated in my previous post I wish to share some of the beautiful pictures I took while I was vacationing in Ireland and visiting my brother @psyceratopsb and my new sister-in-law. In case you have not read it on my brothers post, he recently got married. Once again, congrats Bro. The landscape in Ireland is beautiful and enchanting. There is no greater joy for me then to visiti places I have never visited and checking out their nature and hopefully smoke some green goodness. And boy, does Ireland love its green. Unfortunately since I was so excited and go lucky checking out the greens of Ireland, I forgot to take some cannabis photos so they won't be appearing in the coming photos. I hope you can forgive me.


Since the number of images I took are huge I will be dividing it into parts, so you guys don't have to spend all day browsing trough the photos. In the previous post I showed you guys and gals some photos of Victor's Way. I didn't show all the statues in Victor's Way because some of you might visit in one day and I want you to be surprised and amazed, just as I was when I went there. Now I will be showing another place we went to. So let's jump in.


The name of the place is Glendalough lake. Some of you might find the name familiar. You are probably thinking of Grendel from Beowulf. But they have nothing in common. I checked.

The old houses of Ireland were beautifully constructed. Truly reminds me of old movies taking place in Ireland.

The air is so clean that you could bottle it and sell it.

The lake is magnificent and beautiful. So clear and no bad smell at all.

Hills and paths, rich in greenery.

Beautiful simplistic benches to sit down and chill under the sun.

Beautiful diverse forests full of all kinds of trees.

Not to forget the old celtic cemetery they have near the lake.

As I am not a professional photographer, my photos to not capture the entire full beauty of these landscapes. One has to visit those places and see it with one's own eyes to be able to grasp the beauty of it.

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I love your images....Ireland is so green and oh its nature so beautiful! So you only did not have that magic trip but also a real nature trip eh. Congratulations to the new fam addition.

Beautiful place, I love your post 💚

Wow, nice photographs and views, thanks for the smoke 👍

Great images. I love the photographs i really appreciate it ,a very cool place.☘️

Congrats @jessica!


Thanks 💕