[Clean Body Documentation] Part 1 "Work Work Work"

2 years ago

-Greetings from the fractal space-

-I hope you are having a smokey day-

In this series I will document the month of my cleaning period. How it went. At first I wanted to do day to day, but then I got my attention focused on the fact that it will be a whole month of near to all non cannabis related content. So I have decided to shift it to weekly reports. What things changed and how my overall mind and body reacted to it. The reason for my cleaning period are both personally and financially. Sometimes we just need to concentrate more on other things. Every person has their own thing. To some cannabis is prime. For me not. It's a pleasure like a beer to some or sweets to others.

9:30 am

Wakey Wakey. It's time to wake up, clean up and eat some breakfast. After that I have to get ready to work. Even if I don't have to go to work, I still have a lot of things that have to be done today. Cleaning the apartment, work on a t-shirt, work on the script for our parody video and start finishing up the dtube intro post. The first wakeup wasn't so different from normally. I'm still in day one after all. First things today that has to be done. I have to clean the apartment and do this very important t-shirt. So in this post I will show you a bit the workings of a tiedye shirt.

11:30 am

I'm ready. So first of I have to prepare the soda mix. I use sodium carbonate and mix it together with warm water. After that ai have to mix it untill all the soda has been absorbed by the water. Then I put my white t-shirt inside. The reason for this? The sodium helps the colors be absorbed more easily and helps it stick to the fabric stronger and for longer. Now, some people live it for half an hour and some for a few hours. I leave it for atleast 2 hours. Untill then, untillit's ready I will clean the apartment a bit. Because I usually smoke Indians as its the easiest to get here, ai can get pretty lazy in the morning. Taking my sweet time for everything. Getting up at 9 and being ready at 13 or 14 pm to do stuff. But now that it's easier to start the day.

13:30 pm


I guess that should be enough of the soda. I fished washing the dishes and vacuuming while ai was waiting. It's always good to be compact about your activities. If there is a lot to do then try to fit them in so that you waste as little time as possible. After the shirt has absorbed enough of the soda, you put it inside the washing machine and turn it to fling mode. I'm not sure how that mode is called in English speaking nations. Her wits translated to English as fling. It's that modern where it only flings your shirt around with no water. To squeeze out the rest liquid. The reason is that if you set it to even quick wash it can wash out a lot of the soda inside the fabric. And we still need that soda to help the shirt absorb the colors better and help it stay vibrant for as ling as possible.

17:30 pm

The shirt has been colored. Now I have to wait a few days for the color to properly set in and be absorbed to the max. Most people leave it for 8 to 12 hours. I prefer 1-3 days. It let's the color be absorbed properly in my opinion and not so much extra color gets left behind. Now it's time to take a small break and eat something. After that it's time work on other stuff.


Most of the work got done today. I didn't write a lot about it because I was pretty busy. Honestly I had more energy today then usually. As mentioned ubove I will shorten this series to less parts. It would be too much to spam this site with so many posts that go off the main cannabis topic.

#tiedye #work #cryptosmokers

-----------The End-----------

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It’s called the SPIN cycle in English. 😂 I very much respect anyone who speaks more than one language. I’m trying to learn Spanish now since I’m in Mexico. Language is something that really works to keep us all separated. Thank goodness for google translate and such. It does have some comical translations though. Fling mode sounds so funny to me😂🤣

I look forward to seeing the finished shirt.

As far as offtopic, writing about being a smoker who is taking time off from smoking cannabis and sharing how that makes you feel seems cannabis related to me.

Just my opinion 🍻


Thank you. I will be posting today or tomorrow the finished product. So it's spin cycle. Hahaha fling mode does sound more fun to use.



Me too. I haven't tried it coloring in this pattern. It's fun to do. Just watch that the paint doesn't go where it shouldnt. It tends to be hard to wash away when it hardens.




I also wanna see it! And congratz on staying strong!


Thank you. It will be in the next post.

An excellent experience :)


Thank you. It's an interesting experience to go clean again for a while. Haven't done it for years.