A smoking day

10 months ago

-Greetings from the fractal space-


-I hope you are having a smokey day-


There are many reasons why people consume cannabis. For me they are separated into three groups for the most part. Those who started for health reasons and those who started for recreational reasons. To some it is relief for their medical condition to others it is just about getting high. Then there is the third group. The semi-medical group. People who take mostly for recreational purposes but also take some benefits for something that's bothering them. Stress, for instance being one such thing. I am one of those people. Smoking for me is mostly for recreational purposes to put my feet up after work or to prepare myself for work by cooling myself down early on, to be too stoned to be bothered by it. Just the right amount can take me to a more peaceful state of mind without making me too stoned for work. I tend to be pretty scattered minded when really high so I tend to avoid smoking too much before work. But to each his or her own. Some people love to be stoned out of their bones at work. And are capable of working as if they never smoked in their life.


To be honest, smoking isn't really what it used to be for me. Thinking back to my early smoking years it was just about getting stoned out of your mind and couch lock yourself untill you drag yourself to the fridge to fill up that growling beast on the inside of your body. Debating who gets to roll the next one and who gets shotgun. We didn't bother with what the strain was. All we cared about is that it's cannabis and that it has THC in it. Puting together money to get just half a gram or calling someone if they want to smoke but that they had to throw something into the money pool too. Ah the good old days. These days it's mostly about not losing my shit at work and throw someone in the dumpster. The older you get the more you realize as a smoker "man, if I didn't start smoking I might had killed somebody till now."


Sugar, food, chocolate, drinks, games, social media, passion, love, caffeine, tea, sex, money. Everything that creates a kind of pleasure, happiness or achievement in your life can get you hooked and addicted in no time. Cannabis is not excluded from that. Those that say for certain cannabis creates no addiction are completly naive. Everything can create an addiction. For instance, I know I am addicted to that feeling and I know that it financially costs me a pretty penny. I can go without cannabis but I miss the feeling of being high and I smoke way to many cigarettes. Another addiction factor. As it's not exactly cheap to get cannabis here we adopted the bad practice of mixing our cannabis with tabacco, something contains all sorts of real addiction causing chemicals. Oneof them being the all famous nicotine. Mixing nicotine with our cannabis can create a similar chemical reaction in our brain as just cigarettes do. For me it's the addiction of smoking or holding something between my fingers. I actually tried to stop smoking completly a few times but failed every time. So I try to keep my cigarette smoking at its utmost limits. Rolling a big jiff and stretching it out trough out the day as much as I can. So that I can save up some money and smoke less tabbaco too. I'm currently looking for alternatives that I could use instead of Big T in my jiffs. If someone knows a good alternative I'm open to trying anything.


Long ago I read an article that smoking joints and jiffs gives a different kind of feeling. Since joints have the pure goodness of being filled with just cannabis and jiffs having tabacco as well. Some say that the heavy feeling jiff smokers experience because of the mixture of cannabis and tabacco. I wouldn't be surprised if it was true considering tabbaco is filled with all kinds of chemicals that could easily interfere with the pure cannabis effect. Just a little over 2 years ago during the summer my best friend and I spend the whole summer playing a video game and smoking. I remeber that a few times we would roll pure blunts or joints and even trough it had 3 times more cannabis then the jiffs the heavy feeling was not so much there and the high felt much better. I was my own evidence in that theory. Believe me when I say if I could I would dump tabacco completely and end that toxic addiction completly.

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Damn that looks so frosty. 🔥


Albanian stuff. Pretty neat.

Quite revealing, I think I belong to the semi-medical group too.


Sometimes those kinds of posts are the best posts. Not by curation but by feeling. When you pour your thoughts out for others to read. Most smokers in the world belong to that group, second comes recreational and last in line medical. Atleast by my estimate.


Yeah! i belong to the Semi medical group to! sometimes i feel like i struggle with myself mentally and smoking help relieve me a lot. I get to just have fun and sleep!

Damn thats some nice looking bud cheers


Thank you