Smoke DEPOSIT and WITHDRAW to/from HIVE is back online.

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3 months ago

Just a brief update. SMOKE Deposit and Withdraw are back in service for Hive-Engine exchange.

Simple steps to follow. Send to smokelink account, with the amount and recipient account (no @ sign). Wait for 5 seconds or less, transaction is completed.

Here’s a captured screenshot of DEPOSIT to Hive-Engine.

Here’s a captured screenshot of WITHDRAW from Hive-Engine.

Let me know if you have any questions.
By the way, I’m in the process of configuring my Witness nodes so I can also support the back-end of Smoke blockchain, governance and security. I hope you will consider voting for my witness.

Best regards,

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Welcome aboard @yehey! Great work on the swaptoken! I will get a vote on that witness when I see you post your witness active update. If you have any trouble what so ever setting up the witness node drop me a line in the Smoke discord. I can walk you through the setup.

Again great work, and welcome to the witnesses club!

Awesome.... I tested with 42.0 Smoke..... and then with 420 Smoke.... both arrived at Hive-Engine in a few seconds.... great work @yehey .... Welcome back to 🪴 🚀 🌙

I wish I had seen this before I went and spent 2000 SMOKE on RuDe Dex Gateway fees, :D Thanks, Yehey!


Definitely voting for you btw

Smoke is almost Free on ...

There was a tiny bit of SMOKE for sale cheap on leodex (Hive-engine fork) so I bought it and tested your gateway.


Thanks @yehey!!!

Hi there @yehey, is there specific memo when you transfer smoke to hive-engine?


The memo is your recipient account with the @ sign.


Glad to hear, great work!