First week in Sri Lanka & Atman Festival 2019 ☀️🎶

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Me and my girlfriend have been traveling around in Sri Lanka for a bit more than one week now. So far we have been enjoying the sun and warm weather probably more than anything else. This country is really very beatiful, like some tropical paradise straight out of a hollywood movie.

We arrived late in the evening at Colombo airport, and stayed one night at a hotel in Negombo. When waking up and feeling a bit more refreshed we headed over to Colombo bus station. We had booked seats on a A/C bus all the way down to Tangalle in the south of Sri Lanka. There we had rented a house together with five other friends from Norway trough Airbnb.

The house is situated just meters from a secluded beach, and it also has a swimming pool. We have already encountered a ton of exotic animals right in our backyard, like Monkies, lizards, snakes, scorpions and peacocks.

Our house was situated less than 1 hour away from Ussangoda beach, the location for Atman festival; one of our main reasons for coming to Sri Lanka in the first place! Atman is a psychedelic festival with a focus on dark psytrance. It was a interesting experience to attend a psychedelic trance festival in Asia. Ina couple of days I will be playing my music at the festival after party 😮😶🎶

The general cannabis scene here seems to be lacking. Before the festival we only managed to score some low grade bush weed that did not really do much. At the festival though it was a different story. We quickly managed to score both Morrocan and Indian hashish of good quality!

My witness is doing fine and running stable btw. I still have 0 missed blocks 😎

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  ·  9 months ago

Have a blast! The beaches are awesome, I may want to visit again especially now with lots of awesome AirBnB prices.

And you still have Anjuna to come too?

such a nice view, dont know if everyone staring at the beautiful sunset, is stoned and on the grid, hope u have a blast and keep us updated especially with your performance.

Beauty and smoke overloaded. Some of the most beautiful faces, with awesome scenery and with the ideal swag of life "Smoke".

  ·  9 months ago

Hey really great pictures. It looks really great there. I wish you a lot of fun and, above all, a lot of fun. Top