Adventure to Sri Lanka & India + Witness report #4

last year


Adventure time:

I am travelling to Sri Lanka with my girlfriend @umulius later tonight. Our plane is set to depart from Oslo at 23.00. We are going there on a holiday to chill in the sun and dance to psychedelic music!

We will be attending Atman Festival. It is a transformational festival with sonical focus on dark psytrance. On the festival I am lucky enough to be attending a music production workshop hosted by some of my all time favorite psychedelic music producers. My girlfriend got us tickets for the workshop as a birthday present for me last month 😁


We plan to stay in Sri Lanka until February, and then fly over to Chennai, India. I am booked to perform my first liveset gig in India towards the end of February in a forest close to Goa. After the gig we plan to return back home to a hopefully somewhat warmer Norway.

I have performed a few steps to keep my witness running flawless while on travels:

Yesterday I installed a ssh client on my smartphone. It will allow me to at any time log into my witness servers from my phone.

I will get an Sri Lankan 3g sim card as soon as I land in Colombo. I will also be bringing my laptop with me! 😉

I want to mention that I recently signed this witness charter. I will keep doing whatever I can to keep the Smoke chain cannabis focused!

We plan to do some blogging for you all while traveling, so stay tuned for that!

Please consider voting for me as one of your witnesses.
You can find my witness announcement post here!

#witness #travel #holiday

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What a lovely looking stoner couple! You got my vote


Ahaha thank you @rawpride! 😄

Enjoy the trip!

p.s. I love your beard!

Have an awesome trip! And an amazing Goa!

Sounds like it's going to be an outstanding holiday. I hope you and your girlfriend have a awesome time, be safe and take a shit load of photos. Bong on bro. :-)

Awesome. Have fun in Sri Lanka and India and if possible do some promotion over there but above all have a great time. I will be looking forward for your travel posts :)

Safe journeys 👍


Thank you @indica! 😎

Wish you a lot of fun in your travel!!! Also good luck with your first gig in India :) I imagine you must be very excited ;)

these adventures are awesome. seeing the cannabis diaspora has always been a dream of mine. we are truly a vast and interesting community.

If you ever find yourself in Ghana reach out!! I will make sure you are well taken care of.

Psy On!

Have a nice trip, come back with more pics. Can't wait to see some stories. If you get some time, post it from over there.

Awesome :) kill it in Atman! Massive line up! Kdd, orestis zik ahhh mad. Sounds like a blaster. Have a safe trip guys! Cheers :)

Awesome man! have lot of fun 😃 Goa is an amazing place. Should be like a summer weather usually. I haven’t visited Srilanka, but I have heard from friends that it has also got lot of beautiful places to visit around. Let us know about how your journey went after you come back home!

Cool! :)

Have a nice holiday with lots of fun @xtetrahedron !!!

You get my full blessings on journey and goals whilst away, awesome and hope you blog to us all the way. For witness, I’m afraid I won’t be able to support as I don’t believe you are well equipped enough to be on call and ready in any critical situation for the blockchain.

I hope you had fun. Let it be well with you. Greetings :-)