Are you ready for next bull run?!

in #life
2 years ago

So smokers are you ready?

What do you think?

Please tell me what do you think in the comments below... what's your forecast?

I know it's not much smoke related content but the whole crypto-blockchain world depends on BTC price... so also is

Hoping for the best, be ready for worst!

Smoke on!

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Hahaha, epic picture bro!

That was a perfect picture for last time correction occurred I was like now is finally a bull run... and then this happens I bought everything on top of that red candle/ribbon/ducktape xD

Hope now is finally a bull run but still didn't invest anything more cause I am in an almost bankrupt!

Smoke on!


Remembering that like it was yesterday!
I also did the exactly the same thing xD
But know the true meaning of never invest what you can't afford to lose...
Smoke on!

I am ready and waiting for bull run.


Did you see that red ribbon? xD