Willpower is more powerful than you have.

last year

I was about to drop everything because I came to convince myself that this is not for me. The I can't inside my head was so noisy I could believe.


Today after many helpless falls and tears, I realized I wasn't working hard enough.

I learned to have willpower and that's the most powerful thing there is. It makes you take motivation from where you don't have it. It teaches you that the worst thing is to be undisciplined and live in fear.

To achieve something is not enough to want it. You have to focus your mind at 100 on that. Do not let discouragement, Laziness or a bad day collapse you. Any time is valuable and time is something that never comes back. Don't be afraid of pain, to fall. There is always a new opportunity to try again, control your mind and so control your body.

TituloWillpower is more powerful than you have
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Great photo, staring directly into the camera :D

How's the weather in Peru?


I love the photos, and this is where my best photos of smoke hehe.

Concerning Peru has 3 important regions:
-COAST: It has its summer season from December to March and cold from April to November
-Sierra: Its time is that it is always cold here
-Rain forest: It's hot from April to November and it rains a lot from December to March

What month like more is the climate of the jungle


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