Monologue: I feel a lion with my smoke 🦁

5 months ago

Hello smoker today I want to present my Monologue of smoke, I think it would be better to enjoy writing here on the platform.


Today in my street workout training where there are always anecdotes with the smoke my friend let me take this picture. I am with my camera capturing the best moments with smoke and get out the pole and I ask him what this means Leon, and I answered means that always this alert to defend or capture their prey, I said Guaaoo this is impressive laughing.


So with motivation we launched our smoke.

Well but do not want to finish this Monologo without a video here a piece of video value that gives you the smoke to get closer to a girl and express what you feel

TituloMonologue: I feel a lion with my smoke
CamaraHawei Mate 10

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