OMG... I just accidentially sent half of my SMOKE to the wrong rudex memo, hope I can get it back!!! SMOKE UP 8% too now!!😱

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11 months ago

Always double check those memos when sending to rudex.

unnamed.png I wasn't even planning on buying SMOKE this early, was waiting for even more of a dip, however I decided to just try to pick up 100K since i needed some to send back and fourth for verification now! I trade this SMOKE, chances are it will spike again, and i'll be ready!!

I was one digit off, now I pay the price!!

I just had to buy a bunch of smoke to send some back here so I can send it to Rudex to verify my memo. Hope the random account that received them doesn't spend them in the mean time! My bad, next time I will be way more careful with my SMOKE transfers!! If anyone out there receives 18877.845 SMOKE for no reason, we'll now you know why! lol
Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 9.43.15 AM.png btsid-1309979 was the wrong memo, should have been btsid-1309978!

What a nightmare, not good, and i wasn't even stoned!

There's always something when it come to crypto. It's always the little mistakes that will cost you the most if you're not careful!! I was just in a rush and not paying attention!! I learned my lesson, always be careful with your precious crypto!! lol I'm Still waiting for some SMOKE to arrive from Rudex to @vaped so I can verify my memo with them! If they can intercept it for me, they will charge me 10% off the top, I am ok with that at this point. Still waiting for my deposit from Rudex to here too, been almost 45 minutes??

Does anyone know if we're supposed to use the @ symbol when transferring back to I think that was my second mistake???? Nooooooo!!!!!!


Hooray, everything worked out in the end and i'm happy to report that rudex,org is a very trustworthy exchange, and I'm very grateful for the excellent service and special attention they paid to my case. I do recommend for your SMOKE trading along with other crypto currencies because it is an exchange that has great support staff, and most of all can be trusted.

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Good to hear they worked everything out for you!

Cheers Vaped :D

Stay stoned to avoid such mistakes in the future! LOL Hopefully, it all works out for you! :D


Totally, when I'm stoned and transferring I like double check the numbers ten times because i'm so paranoid! They need better directions on Rudex for withdrawal too, not sure why I haven't received my SMOKE from them yet today either?? Thanks!!


@vaped .Totally agree that any crypto transactions are tricky and very easy to make mistakes. I sent (only v.small amount i had leftover ) some smoke to my account without adding @ before username ....didnt arrive...... i think you have to put the @ ..... far as i know....(..btw..... isnt it a high cost to buy smoke on rudex)?