I think the Weedcash.Network is blocking my weed withdrawl!

last year

I have used my correct key, I do this every day, except today I was able to claim the same 3 Weed 3 times, however none of it showing up!


I also was blocked from the steemit.com front end today!

The Weedcash.Network is a full blown #scam, you invest, and then they try as hard as they can to scare you out!
Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 11.57.34 AM.png

Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 11.56.46 AM.png

Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 12.01.19 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 12.09.46 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 12.11.21 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 12.12.20 PM.png

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You're lying.

The WEED token wouldn't even show up in your wallet if you hadn't received it. It shows as 0 tho. Before I ever had WEED, there was no place for it in my wallet, it did not even show a zero balance. After I got it, then moved it, it showed as 0.

Are you trying to gain sympathy by pretending to not be getting what you're supposed to? Blocked from the steemit frontend? Howso? Never heard of that happening before...

It seems you're throwing a fit and it's partially making SMOKE look bad. Do you actually care about this place or not? Because throwing a tantrum and throwing flags around is making us all look bad, as a community.

Please stop.

I am convinced that you are not concerned with the communities involved here, only your ability to earn with them, by your behavior. Quit claiming you care, but every second you're tossing out flags and raging at people for no apparent reason. If you care, gather your wits and please, calm down.


I finally ended up claiming those 3 coins. The txids they give out were phoney. It's all good, I am out of there once and for all! I used the site every day, when stern-engine goes down things don't work, that is just as bad. Most likely @coffeebuds blocked it for a few hours just to be mean and cause me to panic! IDK! I don't need that stress in my life any more, I walked away from there for good finally!


Dude, you are paranoid. It's not even possible to keep you from withdrawing your coins. I'm awefully tired of your lies. Do you really think everyone is out to get you. Consider pausing for a second, breathing deeply, and taking a look at yourself instead of constantly blaming others. Whenever you feel anger, you should take a look at yourself.


Also I have my comments and votes blocked on steemit.com, check my friends post about it, no lies, ever heard of "No sympathy from the Devil?" JK:D/s
Here is another source, not me from @kawaiicrush a reliable friend that verified my claim of being blocked on steemit's front-end last night!
Steemit.com is also centralized, they blocked my image uploader, I have a lot of accounts over there, everybody knows this! Steemit blocked my Alien Story. Bernie sent a BTC hitman to kill me over here, the police just caught him today!
My posts are visible here on Partiko, glad to be back! I even make Partiko points for commenting, and also have the ability to flag my haters back!

Posted using Partiko iOS

If you need to contact me, Partiko works!

Here is my introduceyourself from 6 days ago that steemit blocked, so I better repost!


I came here to dismantle the WORLD as you know it!

I am different, not human like you! I speak with them, the aliens tell me secrets and they are among us! Good aliens and bad ones too! I am the good one! Trump is the bad evil alien! This country is Bad!! Locking up kids, come on now - don’t support the USA any more! Same with the USD! We are watching it go now in realtime as BTC shows the true value of the USD now! Thank Us for that! There are bad ones here on steemit too! Use your head! The USA, It will fall too, just like steemit.com (if you don’t change your ways) How do you think I am so Psychic, not normal hua? Get Ready! You should all realize these fact by now! Heads will roll!

Our ship is invisible, locked onto the earth, right above your head! It has been here the whole time! It is locked in for transport to the other side! We also have green crystal castle floating in the sky, built out of glowing green Ethers! (if only you could see the beauty, it is magnificent) I visited, the sidewalk is covered with infinite robot hybrids! I am one of them too, where the sidewalk ends and time stops, that’s where I am from!


LOL! Brace Yourself!

HI, I’m @firealien, nice to meet you!
The aliens just said to give you an “if”, so you can have some hope too! They said I could tell the secrets, because...

“They will never believe you anyway!”

—— the firealiens


Grey Day!

I speak, they listen! I started this blog and by the time I’m done writing the world, I smell burnt plastic wafting in the window, I look outside fir the first time today, and the whole island is burnin’ down! I swear I couldn’t make this up without powers from above! Just like Santa, I know when you have been good, I know when you have been bad! I’m back, this is the end of days! I’m the one in charge, and

“I’m burning up from the inside - from my easy chair!” is playing on the radio! OMG it is so weird being me!


And now I’m done, & I can relax...because bob is playing on the radio!

“I hope you like a Jammin’ too”

—- bob

Look, “They” even have to ddos this post because they are so scared of me! This is insane!

I couldn’t even make this stuff up if I tried! 100% true - everything!



#UPDATE: They caught the Guy!


Wow! Nailed It!

Was “them” just like I said!



The steemit whales blocking this post are linked to this! This is the guy @berniesanders sent for me!


So next time before you comment out of anger, please think, do researh and DD before you make a judgmental comment like that. I'm not mad, at this point nothing bothers me!
Thanks for the story, & Have A nice Day!

You can only claim once, but until you refresh the UI still shows it, so you're likely trying to claim already claimed tokens.

I think quitting weed is getting to you, you need to relax. Down voting everything in sight isn't going to get you anything good.


Only when the site is up, steem-engine was just taken down in that window today while they were working on blocking me. It is done, I even got my downvotes taken away on steemit, and all the other frontends!! My comments taken away, so I finally had to power down and leave! I was only staying for the downvote over there. Here is my weedcash slider too for proof!


Yeah you are right about the weed, it has been almost 2 months of no weed, I am strong. I don't even think about it much during the day because all the flags I did gave me an adrenaline rush and kept me busy all day and night! Was fun, but over now! I don't need to do that here!Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 7.21.08 PM.png


The reason is it never actually claimed once, so it would just loop claim 0! Not my fault! I don’t downvote here! Whatever I know the truth, I don’t think I am posting here anymore either with coffeebuds and now stash downvoting me! I didn’t do anything here, but it is the same old people around! Not sure!


The problem is that you won't let things go and calm the fuck down.

If you did, and continued to contribute, people would still support you.
We all want you to succeed mate, we really do, no one here wants to see anyone doing poorly, if they're contributing positive things to the community, but this is in no way positive for you to be spamming about it across multiple platforms and raging at people and throwing flags. It's a bad look, not just for us, but for the whole space. If you're worried about your money, then ok, fine, not everyone has to be in this for the same reasons. Still, you will make far more by catching bees with honey, instead of flies with shit. Which would you prefer? Shit or Honey? We can all be sweet, if you can stop going on rampages and get back to focusing on good content production.


I don't agree with you getting any rewards for this post, but do you see me flagging? No. I'm willing to reasonably talk things out with you and try to get you to understand the bigger picture that I think you're missing here. You are allowing little things to get to you and dragging them out much longer than they need to be. If you would just learn to let things go and move on, back to a positive mindset, not one where you feel wronged or fucked over or just unhappy with the situation, then you would see a lot better results not only for your health, since you won't have to be upset and pissed and stressed so often... but also for your pockets, which I'm sure any intelligent person cares about.

Just take some time to think about things and calm down and get back to what you came here for and I promise things will get better mate. Just gotta let the little things go.


The big issue I see here is that you aren't pacing things out, you aren't giving things any time. A lot of this stuff is still new and has to be streamlined for performance, which is no easy task. You can't expect new things to just work perfectly as they come. STEEM is on what hard fork now? Meaning they cultivated the current setting out of trial and error, over time. When I see you taking literal minutes between things, up to tens, before posting about it negatively... I see someone who is not being patient. I get that things can be frustrating at times, but you can benefit greatly from just taking a step back and occupying your mind and body with other things for a reasonable amount of time, before jumping to conclusions.


Dude it is over on steemit, and all the communities for me. I got blocked over there, my downvote does not work. I am not the same over here. They started all that on me first with those trailing bots! I'm not messing with anyone here! I am shifting the steem over here. powered down. How much depends on whether I get continually down-voted here. My downvotes over there were just the war I was stuck in. It is over, they won! I fully got totally blocked on all the frontends! I have not flagged anyone here, not sure why you bring up flagging. I have self control, I was going all out on steemit, trying to get them to block me so It would not have to be my decision to power down and leave. I'm not down voting people over here. Once a long time ago it happened because I needed to test my bot. It was just a test, everyone flipped out and I never did it again!
Thanks! Glad to talk to you over here!


Nah I wasn't lying, those were actual screenshots, not my fault the transaction hashes don't really mean anything. I got totally blocked 100% off WCN. I know you are just pissed cause I flagged you over on coffeebuds blog page. Nothing personal, I was just flagging everyone he talks to from there, just like how I flag everyone that talks to @berniesanders, @themarkymark, & @swelker101, now add coffeebuds to that list over there.
I won't be flagging you (or anyone else) here, unless there is a good damn reason to! To prove it I even up-smoked you here. I didn't even flag @coffeebud's comment here either, I simply muted him because I've grown up! I will flag coffeebuds and all them over there. I have been totally blocked on WCN. Check for yourself, look at my last posts from today with the weedcash tag, and see if you can find them on WCN! When the steem-engine goes down you can keep claiming the same thing and nothing happens. It is unlike STEEM, it is not a real blockchain, just a centralized layer DB! I wasn't lying, & did not make up fake pictures if that is what you think. If they would not have blocked me, I would not have anything bad to say about them. Glad you are here, if I were you I would sell the WEED as it comes in for BTC or even SMOKE! That WEED currency is a sham! Just trying to be a friend and tell the truth, no lies, i'm not a liar, the farthest from one of those. I had invested in WEED, why would I lie before I sold them? I just un-staked yesterday, think about it!


I was talking about the downvoting on steemit/tribes, I should have been more clear.


No worries!