Black & White Photography - "Trees & Rebar"

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2 years ago

Black and White Photography!

"Hemp & the Magic B&W Greenstock!"
Screen Shot 2019-07-20 at 4.57.20 PM.png
"Weed Trees & Rebar go together nicely"

What is that huge "Finger Thing" sticking out from the side of the moon??(Top Right)

Probably just a Mountain or something? Actually looks like the side of the Crater SPA!
Screen Shot 2019-07-20 at 5.03.45 PM.png

Crater SPA!


Screen Shot 2019-07-20 at 5.10.59 PM.png You see "da man" on the moon, there are 2 faces!

Here's that green I promised!
Screen Shot 2019-07-20 at 4.58.16 PM.png

Original Photography by @vaped!

More Photo Dumps coming Soon!

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There is something oddly satifing about black and white pictures. ☺️


I agree, and the ironic thing is I was posting about the moon that night and I had no idea it was the 50th anniversary of the Mood Landing! Creepy! Thanks, I love Black & White photography too!

Hey I know that ladder back there...


Good eye, I am @vaped too! Thanks, I still gotta check those pot sizes next time I go to the store to pick up a few more! 👍